March 12, 2015

Could I interest You in Growing SUNFLOWERS?

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  • Because they are such natural beauties
  • Because they are easy to grow
  • Feed the Birds
  • Use in Both Fresh and Dried Floral Arrangements
  • Potpourri

Is there anything difficult about successfully growing to harvest Sunflowers?

  •  YES, you need a spot that is truly FULL SUN.
  • Yes, you need to get the seeds in the ground NOW!

A little secret:  You can find much more detailed information here on the internet using GOOGLE search.


Gardening Tip:

Aim for an early crop by  planting a little before the recommended  "after danger of frost" note on the seed packet.

I have had better luck growing sunflowers  close to a fence or beside a building. ..[adds support for the large, tall bulky growth. Some varieties are not so tall though. I recall driving past vast acreages of  SUNFLOWER FIELDS in the north Texas area as we returned from the Dallas Market back in the 1990's. Obviously these rows had no support.

[I have only grown one or two rows in each season ]

If you choose to plant your seeds generously then it is not likely you will loose all of them even with a surprise weather event.

If your spring weather comes on early with no surprises then you'll have as they say "a bumper crop"


Happy Gardening...Bountiful Harvest!



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  1. Oh, Jonell. I see our minds are in the same place, these days. I have sunflowers every year and not on purpose. They grow up under my deck and stairs from the seeds i pit in my bird feeder. Isn't that funny? So, I guess I can attest to their"easy to grow"! They look beautiful, but then again, that's no surprise coming from such a beautiful lady, inside and out!
    Hugs and Prayers,


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