June 02, 2014

Honoring Our Fathers, Dads, Pop or Daddy~

Honorable, God fearing, Provider, Protector & a Gentleman

After All The Mother's Day Celebrations Are History...[That would be May 12th this year]
Are you ready for this? I do it every year. When all the special Mother's Day gatherings, gifting, sweet notes and special privilege is behind us I always jump up on my 'soap box' and basically rant just a bit about Father's Day.  Oh really..just a bit. And no one notices.

Why do we not make the same big fuss about honoring our Fathers on what we call Father's Day? Do we not understand collectively the crucial role these men play in our families?

Tell me about that unique man you call your Father, Dad, Pop, Daddy. All you need do is click on COMMENT, leave your thoughts and we will share with our small world of Bloggers.

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