June 25, 2014

June In Bloom

Coming Home after being away for a while can be really interesting. A few new limbs scatter about the open spaces in the back yard, the evidence of a little wind along with regular afternoon showers.
A handful of ripe tomatoes..from my lone two tomato plants. Just enough. It works for me.

And how nice it is that the figs have waited to ripen. I feared they had begun to ripen and the birds would get to them before me. It looks like I have plenty of time to gather the entire harvest and maybe get some fig preserves in jars this year. We talked about it last summer. I knew my sweetheart would not be up to his usual jelly and jam making and presented the idea of making him the supervisor while I did the canning project. These roles had been reversed many years ago. It was not to be. We had even less time left than had been thought. The birds enjoyed our figs last summer.
June In Bloom

The Trumpet plants are beginning to show off their unique flowering and the  orange day lilies are popping out as is the humming bird vines and the white yarrow I started from our non resident neighbor friend Dustin's yard. It's a good start. I do hope it thrives.Yarrow is such a perfect filler for arrangements cut from one's own yard. 

Did I mention that the blue hydrangea while only 3 great bushes are so loaded down with beautiful blooms and so many of them are at the perfect stage for cutting if they are to be dried for use nearly all year long indoors...another kind of beauty-dried flowers.

Sitting on the front porch I am seeing yet another 'blooming surprise' the Red Crepe Myrtle is starting to break out in it's own unique glory..that's my favorite crepe myrtle color.

June In Bloom

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