June 30, 2013

O R D I N A R Y Things

How often I remark: "It just doesn't take much to make me happy."  That is so so true!  I am excited, appreciative, yes even thrilled over such small,  oft described as ordinary things in life, especially in my home environment.  I am not showing treasures or vintage and antique one-of-a-kinds or  decorative objects today...I am showing you Me...and a few of the things around me that make me feel good - comfortable, secure, sometimes pampered.  Be kind now ladies. Amused, is okay. Laughter is allright if it's not  too harsh .  Just be kind in your responses.

  • Bedroom closets- We each have one. No, not large or walk in closets. If we had huge HGTV walk ins we would not be able to fill them.  They are 'adequate.' There's an easy to access light in each, and shelves above the hanging clothes. He has two levels for hanging. I have one and two extra shelves on one side. That's ENOUGH. ENOUGH is good!

June 26, 2013

This Makes Me Wanna Throw A Party-An America the Beautiful Party~

Thank you At The Picket Fence blog for the Inspiration!

Good Housekeeping inspired 4th of July decor www.atthepicketfence.com

I'm "out the door" as we speak-
I'm going shopping right now...
grab a few colorful cotton
bandanas,some small USA flags
put together at the very least a
new patriotictheme scene on my
 front porch!

June 24, 2013

Fresh From the Yard- BLUEBERRIES

Okay I see that  I cannot 'get the photo right'
But I still get to make a batch of
Breakfast Muffins tomorrow

June 21, 2013

In The Good Old Summertime - Let's Party on the Porch~

SUMMERTIME in the deep south. 
In my case that would be Alabama/USA
At our house we enjoy a FRONT PORCH,
Also a deck at the rear of the house
and a PATIO just off the deck
and as you exit from my kitchen door.
I cherish memories of PORCHES
in the summertime ...
 lazy, warm summer days daydreaming

in a porch swing...
at my Grandma Mobley's house,
 at My Aunt Laura's 
and other cousins and friends porches too.
Below is one of those homes...
Aunt  Laura & Uncle Jack Mobley's
The picture was taken in more 'modern'
times /circa 1988 on one of those rare visits back home to
South Georgia
A Last Minute decision to slip this Picture  [ circa 1988-89] with me [red shirt]
my daughter Deanna and My Aunt Laura Mobley on her
 FRONT PORCH- Mershon, Georgia
Many wonderful memories of this dear aunt and this Mobley Home
Just a Sittin' and Swingin'
Friends Welcome to enter from the patio and deck at the back of the house

Little treasures [made in Japan}

One of the last 'finds' from southeast Texas

Oh, Yes- this is Southern Living-in the Deep South/usa
An old weathered useless $15 Window completes this scene-
Come on over..I just put freshly  washd/ironed pillow cases
on the swing pillows
A DECK is a 'kind of PORCH, RIGHT?
May is the month for harvesting the OAK LEAF HYDRANGEAS
and the section of hollowed out log from the Texas farmhouse
 works Perrrrfectly dontcha think

The LEMONADE is poured..ready for You!

Above/Below : You get a view from opposite   ends of the front porch
In the interest of  "keeping it honest''..all scenes are not SUMMERTIME
photos..above has to be OCTOBER-the peanut tree is in bloom

Lemonade or Iced Tea?

Our outdoor settings change with the seasons, weather and
events scheduled with family or friends...
   the  feeling is the same.

We cannot spend time outdoors
 without talking about how blessed we are
 to have this amazing  thing we call
CREATION surrounding us..
and giving thanks to the Creator, the God we serve.
Ahh, such Love!

Looking Forward,

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$100 Giveaway over at Stringtownhome

June 18, 2013

Lavender Farms-Yes, Lavender Farms ~

Afternoon Tea Across America Traveling Teapot

I am so thrilled with my one [ yes 1 ] large, beautiful bush of Lavender-

There is no way I can IMAGINE Lavender Farms-
My Beauty register won't even go there.
Imagine a farm with ACRES OF LAVENDER!

The Traveling Teapot

Photo Credit

June 17, 2013

Things That Make Me SIGH...."Ahhhhhhhh"

Things that make me sigh

And Some Actually "Make my heart sing" because of..
  • Experiences-Painting the old Chifferobe w My Friend Shirley
  •  Memories: The stove restoration, Wisteria Arbor & other labors of Love 
  • Personal Passions- antiques/collecting or shopping
  •  Relationships-My sweetheart for life

Looking Forward.

June 15, 2013

What About Father's Day?

One of my SOAP BOX ISSUES- Father's Day in the U.S.A
It so bothers me that we in our culture flip for Mothers
on that day on the calendar labeled Mother's Day
We all get 'over the top' sentimental, mushy, emotional
as we honor our Moms. Nothing wrong with that
-but what happens on Father's Day?
Have we in our culture totally forgotten or set aside & ignored
the importance to our civilization that Fathers are..Fathers
present and functioning in the in the FAMILY?
Fathers actually Showing Up

June 08, 2013

A Time for Sisters-

My 'baby sister' and I have never had the luxury of living in the same town, or state [as adults] .  Since 1975 we can  count [ w/o running out of fingers] the times we have spent .together.  So you will understand
that her visit Is such an over the top blessing.  We just enjoyed 5 days with her and her husband and that was not enough.  We needed 3 more days just to use up all  the groceries I had stashed away in the freezer and pantry

Some of Us Just Like the Spotlight, Don't We?

Are you [like me] one of those people who are drawn to the spotlight?  Do you often end up "Center Stage"? Are you most often the leader, the Committee Chairman or the 'Go To" person?

No pretense here:  "I can relate to that."  As I analyze my own personality and look back at my history I have to be honest.  I am pretty much a Performer, a Producer, a Planner, a Promoter. That's me.