June 24, 2013

Fresh From the Yard- BLUEBERRIES

Okay I see that  I cannot 'get the photo right'
But I still get to make a batch of
Breakfast Muffins tomorrow

Such Delight-Picking my own blueberries
The promise of more berries in the next 2-3 days

in the next 24 hours

Anyone can go to the market, pick up a container of berries,
throw them in the cart and pay for them-
It's an "experience" to walk out in your yard and select the
very best ready to eat Blueberries from your very own bushes,
[thanks to my Silver Fox ]
and enjoy truly fresh from the garden produce-
beautiful fruit, fresh and healthy to boot!
Yes, I know they won't produce for long but that's okay...
the MUSCADINE vine will be offering it's wonderful fruit
in a few weeks
Of course-pictures to follow!
Looking Forward~


  1. YUM! We have blueberry bushes planted, but this is their first year... I can't wait to pick from them! :)

  2. Oh what fun! I can only imagine. We used to have an orange tree and a grapefruit tree that we could go out and pick from, but the state came and ripped them out saying there was a citrus canker problem in the area! So annoying. They tore everyone's citrus trees out. Can you imagine? I'm glad you have your berries. I bet the muffins were wonderful!

  3. I love fresh blueberries! I have a big garden, but no blueberries, I wish I did :)


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