June 21, 2013

In The Good Old Summertime - Let's Party on the Porch~

SUMMERTIME in the deep south. 
In my case that would be Alabama/USA
At our house we enjoy a FRONT PORCH,
Also a deck at the rear of the house
and a PATIO just off the deck
and as you exit from my kitchen door.
I cherish memories of PORCHES
in the summertime ...
 lazy, warm summer days daydreaming

in a porch swing...
at my Grandma Mobley's house,
 at My Aunt Laura's 
and other cousins and friends porches too.
Below is one of those homes...
Aunt  Laura & Uncle Jack Mobley's
The picture was taken in more 'modern'
times /circa 1988 on one of those rare visits back home to
South Georgia
A Last Minute decision to slip this Picture  [ circa 1988-89] with me [red shirt]
my daughter Deanna and My Aunt Laura Mobley on her
 FRONT PORCH- Mershon, Georgia
Many wonderful memories of this dear aunt and this Mobley Home
Just a Sittin' and Swingin'
Friends Welcome to enter from the patio and deck at the back of the house

Little treasures [made in Japan}

One of the last 'finds' from southeast Texas

Oh, Yes- this is Southern Living-in the Deep South/usa
An old weathered useless $15 Window completes this scene-
Come on over..I just put freshly  washd/ironed pillow cases
on the swing pillows
A DECK is a 'kind of PORCH, RIGHT?
May is the month for harvesting the OAK LEAF HYDRANGEAS
and the section of hollowed out log from the Texas farmhouse
 works Perrrrfectly dontcha think

The LEMONADE is poured..ready for You!

Above/Below : You get a view from opposite   ends of the front porch
In the interest of  "keeping it honest''..all scenes are not SUMMERTIME
photos..above has to be OCTOBER-the peanut tree is in bloom

Lemonade or Iced Tea?

Our outdoor settings change with the seasons, weather and
events scheduled with family or friends...
   the  feeling is the same.

We cannot spend time outdoors
 without talking about how blessed we are
 to have this amazing  thing we call
CREATION surrounding us..
and giving thanks to the Creator, the God we serve.
Ahh, such Love!

Looking Forward,

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  1. I do so love your porch and would love to come and sit and enjoy some lemonade or tea with you there!


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