June 15, 2013

What About Father's Day?

One of my SOAP BOX ISSUES- Father's Day in the U.S.A
It so bothers me that we in our culture flip for Mothers
on that day on the calendar labeled Mother's Day
We all get 'over the top' sentimental, mushy, emotional
as we honor our Moms. Nothing wrong with that
-but what happens on Father's Day?
Have we in our culture totally forgotten or set aside & ignored
the importance to our civilization that Fathers are..Fathers
present and functioning in the in the FAMILY?
Fathers actually Showing Up
Do we even recall what it means to be called a
God Fearing Man?
Of course I know my value as a Mother
But there is no way on this earth that I could have raised
our four children to be the people they are
without the Father they had/have.
I have long considered myself to be a strong woman
But I would have failed miserably without the strength
stability and steadiness,the character and confidence of their Dad.
He knew his role and never backed off from the difficult challenges
that life and a family throws your way.
I have heard women say about child rearing:
 "Just love them. All you have to do is 'just love them."
Men and Women are different. We need the strengths and weaknesses of both to balance & come out on the other side of this family thing waving a flag and cheering "We Did it."
This is just my little way of venting and also giving place to the  man who taught our children what an honorable man looks like.
That's POP
The man knows how to find WORK!


On his Birthday September 11, 2009

July  2012  a walking tour of The Alley [restored area] of  downtown
Montgomery, Al.
after a doctor's visit in Birmingham [ post C. diagnosis]
Last year after the Cancer diagnosis while discussing the attitude, his way of handling this journey ahead of us
One of our children said:
 "They just don't make men like that anymore."


  1. Happy Father's Day, Mr. H! You truly are one of a kind! I'm so thankful for the men who are God fearing, and step up to fill those shoes....

  2. Amen to that. What a great post, and what a wonderful guy. So glad you have him to share your life with!


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