June 08, 2013

A Time for Sisters-

My 'baby sister' and I have never had the luxury of living in the same town, or state [as adults] .  Since 1975 we can  count [ w/o running out of fingers] the times we have spent .together.  So you will understand
that her visit Is such an over the top blessing.  We just enjoyed 5 days with her and her husband and that was not enough.  We needed 3 more days just to use up all  the groceries I had stashed away in the freezer and pantry

It was a wonderful visit. We took some play time to explore downtown Troy even a bit of Brundidge and even did the tourist thing..out at Pioneer Village & Museum [Troy, Al]
This is just a small part of the photos -Enjoy

Let's Go To Church
This is a a peek at a few unique scenes you
you will find at Troy, Alabama
The Pioneer Village & Museum
It's well worth taking the time for a long coffee break
as you drive down highway 231..just north of Troy,Al.

This was a priceless scene
One of the volunteers working the above the ground beds
of vegetables he seems to have brought a family member
with him today
I do remember these..saw them in use. it was used to scrub
the wood floors

Primative Church Building
Details up close of the primitive Church
S H O P P I N G.....well sorta'
We found time for FAMILY TIES..great Troy shop
we girls love to schedule time for

Snuggling in our back yard?
L-R > My hubby, My sister and her husband posed for me in front of our fav
place to go for Catfish..The Mossy Grove Old Schoolhouse Restaurant,
Troy, Alabama
My baby sister and me as the 5 day visit
was winding down. We really needed at
least 3 more days....to cook all the good
stuff I had.  I filled the pantry and freezer
with things especially for their visit..mmm
wonder if it will all "keep" until next time?
[ Can you keep a secret? We made a memory-shopping at Confetti Crate [ Troy,Al ]  we each found what I call a  'gaudy"purse in a color we never buy and when I say 'gaudy'
it's not a slam..it's kinda  like saying 'over the top" girly.
After all..I am 72 years old...I can be 'over the top' whatever I want ..don'tcha  think? ]




  1. Janell6/08/2013

    Sound like you all had a great time which I am sure you did...there is nothing like sister,s time and love together..love you both

  2. So. much. fun! Sister time is the BEST! :) <3 you!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your baby sister. Enjoy the wonderful memories you created. Sometimes I wish I had a sister.

  4. Lucky you getting time with your sister. Looks like you did it up right!


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