June 30, 2013

O R D I N A R Y Things

How often I remark: "It just doesn't take much to make me happy."  That is so so true!  I am excited, appreciative, yes even thrilled over such small,  oft described as ordinary things in life, especially in my home environment.  I am not showing treasures or vintage and antique one-of-a-kinds or  decorative objects today...I am showing you Me...and a few of the things around me that make me feel good - comfortable, secure, sometimes pampered.  Be kind now ladies. Amused, is okay. Laughter is allright if it's not  too harsh .  Just be kind in your responses.

  • Bedroom closets- We each have one. No, not large or walk in closets. If we had huge HGTV walk ins we would not be able to fill them.  They are 'adequate.' There's an easy to access light in each, and shelves above the hanging clothes. He has two levels for hanging. I have one and two extra shelves on one side. That's ENOUGH. ENOUGH is good!
  •  My kitchen feel rich features are the slide out garbage  under the sink and the roll out drawers in the cabinets where the heavy duty pots and pans and mixing bowls are stored. Another goodie is the 'adequate' section for stacking side by side the large cookie sheets, muffin tins,etc. Oh, another btw: I get total credit for selection and installation of these updates.

Photo taken before the [old] stove project 
Don't go yet- There really is MORE-
Click and keep reading- I would be so sad
if you ran off and left without making note
of the remaining Ordinary Things~

  • My husband was so forward thinking when he strategically placed outdoor faucets and electrical outlets. In our other life on the farm in Texas we were always dragging water hoses from front to back  yard. Thanks to my good fortune to marry such a thinking man we now have shorter [ adequate ] water hoses connected and accessible at each side of the front porch, and the deck ..oops almost forgot there's a faucet attached to the [outside] laundry room, one at the back yard fence, one next to a storage building, another in the middle of the backyard and I must not forget the genius also placed a faucet next to what has now become an outdoor covered arbor [my wisteria project].
  • Just a reminder-there are electrical connections adjacent to all these features around the house..that also means an outlet for Christmas lights to plug in at each corner [the ceiling] of the front porch.  That is not only enough it is more than adequate. It's luxury.

  • I hate to rub it in but the same silver fox over a period of months managed to give us water for the flower beds...with the turn of a faucet handle in 4 strategic spots. This, dear blog readers is the good life.

  • You already know how we love the outdoor living spots..porch, patio and deck but I have to add another little spot [or two] that always catches my eye and makes me feel like a rich lady is the backyard swing with the water feature close by & just steps away from the 2012 Wisteria Arbor.
Light bulb moment!! I'm asking self if we need some Ordinary pictures of these Ordinary things that I value enough to make note of them for the "whole world' to read.

Photo was taken before the arbor was covered with the
 vines-Note the location of the faucet/electrical outlet
 just clear of the  structure.
Looking fwd...


  1. Dragging hoses is the bain of my existence! You're a lucky lady!

  2. Hi Jonell, I'm finally catching up on my blog reading and love seeing "YOU". Your kitchen looks so roomy and I just imagine the wonderful meals and memories you have made there. I'm a bit envious of your many faucets. We are down to one, can you believe it? It makes for a huge pain in the butt when I have to water with a sprinkler that I move around (which is all the time). You are so right. The little things are a huge joy!

    1. Liz I truly have missed you-suspect that you have had difficult issues going on in your life and would love to hear from you- hoping you read this and get in touch I think I sent you specific contact info..


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