April 01, 2010

Looking Back-Again!

What made the difference in your life, relationship, family?
I have been asked that several times.  Some things are not easily visible until we are Looking Back.

We are not perfect mates or parents,period.

However,  as we look back over more than 50 years there are specific things that did  [ & continue to ] make a real difference.

Balance-especially in our interests & how we spent/spend our time. example: Ted enjoys sports and hunting but it has never consumed huge blocks of his time or come first before any family interest either time spent or money used for.

Timing-example: There's a way and a time to discuss major problems-not always right now because I feel like it. Choose your time.

Self Control- example: Everyone has moments of frustration & discouragement-how that is expressed  is most important. Often times the old addage "sleep on it" is very useful. Tomorrow it may not seem like such a huge issue.

Grace- God's


Submission [ first to God then to one another ] Another definition would be  a "you go first" attitude.

[to be developed as I am enlightened :^) I have to get my thoughts down when I begin to work on something..it usually takes numerous edits before I am satisfied that the post is developed as I intend for it to be..later ]

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