April 10, 2010

BFF-Yes Grammas Have Best Friends Too~

So many things in the Brundidge chapter of life remind me of my Friend Shirley in southeast Texas. 
Shirley and I could hardly be more different.  Shirley's tall.  I'm Short. I was always reminded of that difference when we moved furniture together in the Antique Shop.

Shirley is an Artist in so many ways.  I am an Artist Wannabee. She just allowed me to tag along and learn from her like the day she pulled out my old chifferobe [what a find] and said "You get on that side and I'll get on the other.  We are going to paint this piece of furniture."  I did. We did. See photo on this page.

Shirley speaks in a direct, confident, bold way and I "beat around the bush" to get my message out there.
Shirley has a style..her own, doesn't matter if you like it or not. Me?  I'm predictable/is that a style?  Anyway, one can always predict that I'll likely be wearing black, white or red. I don't think of myself as having a style.

Shirley is a very tolerant person.  I try. I also learn from her attitude.

If shirley and I showed up at a gathering you would never guess we were buddies or had anything in common. yet, I count her as my dearest friend in all the world. I am not quite sure why she has me on her "friends forever" list.

The primary thing that binds us is our faith in Jesus Christ.  This overshadows all the differences. This is our bond and the history of being there for each other.  We each allow the other "To Be"...

Things all around me remind me of my BFF.  The exquisite roses in bloom remind me of Shirl.
 The weird things I do decorating remind me of Shirl. Ted's compost pile reminds me of her.

 I can't go antiquing or browing the woods or roadsides without thinking of my BFF Shirley.

When I try a new and totally strange food, I'm reminded of her. 

When I think of going to the Dallas Market to shop for the store I remember Shirley.  When someone says "Yoo Hoo" I definitely remember Shirley as she called to the officer in the Dallas Market shopping complex "Yoo Hoo Mr. Policeman, Can You Help Us?"

That's my best friend Shirley. Grammas have best friends too!

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