April 10, 2010

Moving Slow-But Not for Long!

Sometimes we Grammas wake up moving slow early in the morning.  That's just life!

Amazing what an hour or so, a perfect cup of coffee [ or hot tea ] with my favorite creamer and no one rushing me can do!

My first chore today was to get those little lettuce plants thinned out and transplanted all over the raised bed, making sure to turn the sprinkler on and soak it all well so it won't be assaulted by the hot sun as the day heats up. Actually I'm, thinking there may be enough lettuce to use a second raised bed.  What a treat to be able to go out in the back yard for FRESH lettuce [ NO ICEBERG ]  when we need it! That reminds me of my Dearest Friend Shirley in southeast Texas with her wonderful raised beds providing her with fresh produce for the salad plate! 

So many things remind me of Shirley. [ Another post later]

While the sprinkler does the job I can explore and discover: Yes, all the Curly Willows are leafed out & waving in the breeze.  I see 4 O'Clocks trying to come out under my kitchen window.  Thank you to our Brundidge Friend Robert for sharing those when he heard I was saving a spot there just for four o'clocks!
Maybe, just maybe the Bachelor Buttons are beginning to peek thru' the soil-an entire bed for them; I know they never show up before May no matter how impatient I get.

The  Bridal wreath is still just PERFECTION..wish we had a wedding to do!  Those incredible Irises from Jackson, Alabama [Ted's sister Betty] are still hanging on. Amazing! And I am so looking forward to the dark blue SALVIA beginning to fill the two beds set aside for them to shine...looks promising.

It's a wonderful , beautiful world outside!

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