April 13, 2010

"My Girls"

That's how I always refer to the elite group of precious jewels I taught in Texas [ sunday School Bible Study ] They were all high school students-many sold out to walking the walk with the Lord we serve- how they blessed and enriched my life. 

It's been about 7 yrs now and I still readily reach for 'our stories and experiences"  shared during those years.  As I have reconnected with them on facebook-what an incredible joy to hear from them and discern from their posts shared and photos  the lives they are leading now as young wives, professionals and Mommies. 

Yes Heather { C} some things do just leave one speechless..like today and your Sophie's day of birth {BIRTHDAY}  some of these moments in our lives when all I can say is:  "I STAND AMAZED IN THE PRESENCE..of Jesus the Nazarene"

God Bless and protect you and Kevin and Sophie...today and all days.

Much Love,
Ms. Jonell :^))

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