January 31, 2012

Seasonal Surprises~

With the late Spring like weather one can't resist the Nursery and home and garden inventory. I always begin looking for some new plants and especially herbs yes, even in January! We found a few healthy little offerings at the Lowe's garden center today. Ted got a few little pots of lettuce and some much needed bags of soil and some replacement parts for his sprinkler system.  Now I have to decide on a home for those little pots of English Lavender. Lavender is so hearty here, it withstands the brutal summer heat and the occasional freezing temperatures we usually get for at least a few days.  I love it not only for the delicate blooms but for little posies to drop into natural 'made by me' potpourri .  Oh yes, we know there can be lots of surprises with the weather from now through early April.  We just can't resist taking the chance. It's just beautiful outdoors in the deep south. on January 31st.

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