January 14, 2012

Be Yourself~

Saturdays tend to be different than Monday-Friday.  I'm not quiTe sure why but it's true.  It's a bit like another new week but only one day long. Weird! I have figured out that most people in my email address book do not respond right away, if at all on Saturday. Even the two old folks at our house tend to operate at a different pace on Saturday.  No, we aren't just lounging on the deck staring at the tree tops nor are we "sitting and swinging" on the front porch.  I mention the different Saturday routine because I was pleasantly surprised to switch to the FOOD NETWORK  at the right time today [ Saturday ] to catch Ree Drummond's new show.  I managed to miss the first series when it began some time ago and was so pleasantly surprised to see that television has not changed her. She's still the Pioneer Woman Blogger I check in on regularly on the net [  http://thepioneerwoman.com/  ]
I must admit she stirs in me a little  heretofore resisted urge to try to attract  regular followers for my blogs:
http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com  &  http://mershongeorgiagirl.blogspot.com  ]
From the beginning I have insisted to you and myself that my goal for these is not to gather a following. As I see the visitors   Like Gramma's House has [shown on my tracker] there are   visitors from many states and some international from places I  never heard of..none of these ever sign on as followers even though I see many  appear to be repeat  visitors.
The Pioneer Woman, Ree makes the suggestion on her blog that a blogger should write every day...I agree that sounds like good advice but this doesn't work for me,  my style and the type of content I post. I am thinking  just as  http://thepioneerwoman.com/    must stay true to who she is...Gramma at this address must do the same.
..Not to worry ~I don't need  readers to  encourage me..I'm not  doubting 'my plan'..just making observations-mulling things over as some would say.  My conclusions:
  • Stay with photos taken in my own surroundings- don't use borrowed banners, etc from the enternet
  • The Homemade Blog..idea..that's good/like that
  • In order to write one has to have a life-both participation and observation..sometimes taking a blogging break..I cannot force creativity
  • I choose NOT to use my blog to expose or carelessly embarass family members-not always mentioning loved ones by name..sometimes, but not routinely. 
  • I choose not to elaborate on specific details of personal information when discussing children /in laws or our Grands. That way the focus is not as much on MY FAMIY but on what Gramma's thinking-
  • These rules for my blogging do limit me in some ways  but I think it's A GOOD THING..perhaps my writing will improve and  have more depth. Perhaps??
  • So There you have it-That's what's on my mind today relative to  BLOGGING ~What's on your mind? What works for you [if you are a blogger] and what do you appreciate [ if you are just a 'follower'?? IT'S YOUR TURN NOW.

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  1. I think your blog should be what you want to talk about-otherwise why do it.It is fun to get followers and to realize someone enjoys what you have to say, though.It took me forever to get the followers I have and I appreciate them all, as I am somewhat of a loner and it feels like I have friends now.I enjoy your posts and insights.


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