January 14, 2012

I Needed One More~

Who can remember where and when I found the larger DRIP O LATOR - I can't. I've always loved it even though I only recall actually using it two or three times but when I spotted this little teapot in a unique antique store/flea market in De Funiak Springs, Florida in December I knew I had to have it even if I couldn't wrangle a better price from the dealer. I forgot to mention it fits my criteria these days for adding to the volume in my attic - It's small enough to fit in one hand. Now, I have to actually have some tea from it..that makes it necessary, right? I don't know what NOT collectors do for fun, do you?
The recent 'find' ...others I acquired beginning
in the early 1970's when we were in  W.Ky.
The very first one [ in the collage]  btm 
 Right photo/left.
Beside it on right is from our years in S.E. Texas
but the top for that one [ the drip part] I found  years
 later while visiting my sister in  Western Kentucky.

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