January 10, 2012

No New Year Resolutions ~Lots of Spring Cleaning

No, No, not really spring cleaning folks - what I allude to is personal house cleaning-  I mean things in my life that I am convicted about changing or improving.  I'm hanging up a sign that reads: Construction Site - A Work In Progress.  That would be ME!

  • I want to dig out and read through my old JOURNALS with the intent to edit, remove parts or destroy entirely * [ explanations to follow]

  • Calendars - I like knowing what's coming up next month and three months down the road as far as appointments, obligations, events and travel. [ mmm this sounds like a "controlling woman" ] With that in mind I want to look ahead and decide which months will include perhaps day trips, overnight visits, or actual extended travel for fun and/or time with family. YES, I really do want to do that much advance planning..Money issues are  not as much an ISSUE with this kind of scheduling. No Surprises!

  • Continuing with the Photo Project - organizing, labeling and sharing both copies and originals

  • Front Porch Painting..we didn't do it in 2011 so this will be a must do

  • Finish work on the deck

  • Look at possibility of finishing up with the water feature, the backyard [hideout] arbor and the arbor centered in the patio area  [I have been hoarding a really special handmade CANDELABRA  just for this]

  • Locate a KNOCKOUT ROSE bush on each side of the front porch steps

  • Finish relocating specific small trees, plants or shrubbery to places where they will be more likely to thrive

  • Work on my HERB BEDS outside the kitchen door

  • Write more love notes

About Personal Journal Clean up>

*Think about the person you were 20-30 years ago...consider the way you felt about and reacted to things, people, life situations.  We change - thank God we do.  So many years ago let's face it we might have been "more about ME and my needs and quite likely with the passing of years we focus more on others around us and how our feelings & thoughts might affect them. Previously we may have recorded thoughts that were more about 'self gratification'.  Are you with me here?  In short I don't want to leave things for my family to read that could cause them to grieve..again. At 70 -soon to be 71 years old I think  It's a timely project to take on.  You don't have to agree with me.  Oh, by the way~ I try to keep this line of thought in mind as I write on my blogs.  My intent is never to carelessly expose or embarass family members..if so only in a fun way. You might say my goal is to definitely 'take the high road' in this 21st Century  version of Journaling!  Your thoughts please?

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  1. I need to get more organized too-I have shredded old papers until I am blue in the face and have tons more to go. Where does all this stuff come from? Sounds like you have a good plan going.


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