January 18, 2012

Frivolous Wishes for This Year~

That's an easy one: I would wish to have one entire day to spend [ visiting, shopping, lunch] with each one of our daughters-in-law. Why not our daughter? That goes without saying..but she's 18 hours away in the state of Iowa. I will be blessed if I  get to see her this year....will take what I can get.  As far as the three sons- I have to settle there too, but I do hold dear to my heart any quality time I get with our sons.  Oftentimes after family gatherings I think back remembering the time and cannot recall more than perhaps 5 or 10 minutes one on one with several family members..so apparently even though we enjoy tremendously the big special ocassions this is not always the time for quality time...fun without a doubt but what about the things we had intended to share or ask about?
As we so often say "It just doesn't take a lot to excite or make us happy these days."

Just Thinking,

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