April 29, 2010


Gramma is thinking again: So few people have time to invest in other people.
 We are so often just pausing - as we hurry on to the next project or commitment.

April 24, 2010

I Just Had A Funny Thought

Imagine that! 
Did you ever wonder why BIOGRAPHIES are written AFTER people die?
I always thought it was because their entire life story wasn't available until they die.

mmmm  ..on second thought I am thinking it just may be BECAUSE no one is interested until they are gone.

Something to think about....sadly :^(

April 19, 2010

What Does Persnickety Really Mean?

[ adj) pernickety, persnickety ~ characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details "a persnickety job"; "a persnickety school teacher" ]

I'm just wondering if I qualify as a "persnickety" Gramma? Would the Adjective "particular" be more apt?

Anyhoooo....while we were out of town for a rare '2 day' treat attending a wedding I was as always analyzing myself again.

Yes I am a bit particular about a few things.  When staying in a hotel I have come to have a  preferrence for very good linens ..that do not look as though they came from the local $ store and were left in the dryer, added to my bed without folding  or smoothing snugly and wrinkle free when making the bed.  Just one of those things!

And I can adjust to the "instant" type breakfast they call "Continnental."
I can overlook coffee that isn't really perked but I simply can't abide the powdered coffee creamer that leaves a greasy film in my mouth.  And no the whole milk in the pitcher for cereal just won't make the difference. I need half and half for my coffee.

 I try to be a good sport about it..while I sit politely and "don't drink" my cup of black coffee.  I try not to be a nuisance to my husband and tell him not to worry with running down the street to a restaurant for my cream fix.  But the second morning when the hotel staff had not restocked the cream rack...I gave in and allowed myself to be a nuisance.

Did I mention that I absolutely detest drinking a hot/warm drink from a STYROFOAM CUP? [ solution: pack a fav mug from home]

Before you judge too harshly...YOU might have a aversion to styrofoam too if you carried with you  vivid  recall of turning up a cup of coffee [while driving] and feeling something "crawly" in your mouth from the bottom of the cup! Dontcha' think? That's my excuse!

How about Orange Juice at breakfast?  Love it? Yes/No
I like O.J. but with a  1/2 & 1/2 mix..orange juice with ginger ale.  Cold. :^D

Homemade or homemade-like Biscuits? Of course I like good biscuits.  But not too thick and fat! Since Ted doesn't care for the thin/tea biscuits we have the regular fat ones and I scoop out the excess 'inside' of the biscuit top & bottom~
Perfectly logical solution to me.

I suppose early on my husband may have been annoyed or perplexed with these peculiarities...though he never said.  Over time I think he just understands that 'we like what we like."  He doesn't complain.

The most recent addition to the "strange things about Gramma" list is something missing on our new vehicle.  We made the choice to trade in my car [Honda Odysse] and make our second automobile a truck with extended cab..  I really like it..rides as comfortably as a large car and  it will meet our needs quite well.

There's only one thing that really bugs me everytime I start to get in on the passenger side.  It doesn't have keyless entry.  I have to wait on my side when Ted's driving, for him to unlock me from the driver's side.  Anyone watching is likely to think...mmmm rude husband! 

Of course that's because I have been spoiled having a husband who usually opens the car door for me...yes, he's a gentleman in so many ways.

I think it amuses him that this bothers me.  I'll get over it. :^)
I know that he is not rude no matter what anyone observing may think.

I'm sure there are more weird things about Gramma that qualify for this list..we'll update later as I become more and more 'persnickety" or "particular" with time.

April 13, 2010

"My Girls"

That's how I always refer to the elite group of precious jewels I taught in Texas [ sunday School Bible Study ] They were all high school students-many sold out to walking the walk with the Lord we serve- how they blessed and enriched my life. 

It's been about 7 yrs now and I still readily reach for 'our stories and experiences"  shared during those years.  As I have reconnected with them on facebook-what an incredible joy to hear from them and discern from their posts shared and photos  the lives they are leading now as young wives, professionals and Mommies. 

Yes Heather { C} some things do just leave one speechless..like today and your Sophie's day of birth {BIRTHDAY}  some of these moments in our lives when all I can say is:  "I STAND AMAZED IN THE PRESENCE..of Jesus the Nazarene"

God Bless and protect you and Kevin and Sophie...today and all days.

Much Love,
Ms. Jonell :^))

April 10, 2010

BFF-Yes Grammas Have Best Friends Too~

So many things in the Brundidge chapter of life remind me of my Friend Shirley in southeast Texas. 
Shirley and I could hardly be more different.  Shirley's tall.  I'm Short. I was always reminded of that difference when we moved furniture together in the Antique Shop.

Shirley is an Artist in so many ways.  I am an Artist Wannabee. She just allowed me to tag along and learn from her like the day she pulled out my old chifferobe [what a find] and said "You get on that side and I'll get on the other.  We are going to paint this piece of furniture."  I did. We did. See photo on this page.

Shirley speaks in a direct, confident, bold way and I "beat around the bush" to get my message out there.
Shirley has a style..her own, doesn't matter if you like it or not. Me?  I'm predictable/is that a style?  Anyway, one can always predict that I'll likely be wearing black, white or red. I don't think of myself as having a style.

Shirley is a very tolerant person.  I try. I also learn from her attitude.

If shirley and I showed up at a gathering you would never guess we were buddies or had anything in common. yet, I count her as my dearest friend in all the world. I am not quite sure why she has me on her "friends forever" list.

The primary thing that binds us is our faith in Jesus Christ.  This overshadows all the differences. This is our bond and the history of being there for each other.  We each allow the other "To Be"...

Things all around me remind me of my BFF.  The exquisite roses in bloom remind me of Shirl.
 The weird things I do decorating remind me of Shirl. Ted's compost pile reminds me of her.

 I can't go antiquing or browing the woods or roadsides without thinking of my BFF Shirley.

When I try a new and totally strange food, I'm reminded of her. 

When I think of going to the Dallas Market to shop for the store I remember Shirley.  When someone says "Yoo Hoo" I definitely remember Shirley as she called to the officer in the Dallas Market shopping complex "Yoo Hoo Mr. Policeman, Can You Help Us?"

That's my best friend Shirley. Grammas have best friends too!

Moving Slow-But Not for Long!

Sometimes we Grammas wake up moving slow early in the morning.  That's just life!

Amazing what an hour or so, a perfect cup of coffee [ or hot tea ] with my favorite creamer and no one rushing me can do!

My first chore today was to get those little lettuce plants thinned out and transplanted all over the raised bed, making sure to turn the sprinkler on and soak it all well so it won't be assaulted by the hot sun as the day heats up. Actually I'm, thinking there may be enough lettuce to use a second raised bed.  What a treat to be able to go out in the back yard for FRESH lettuce [ NO ICEBERG ]  when we need it! That reminds me of my Dearest Friend Shirley in southeast Texas with her wonderful raised beds providing her with fresh produce for the salad plate! 

So many things remind me of Shirley. [ Another post later]

While the sprinkler does the job I can explore and discover: Yes, all the Curly Willows are leafed out & waving in the breeze.  I see 4 O'Clocks trying to come out under my kitchen window.  Thank you to our Brundidge Friend Robert for sharing those when he heard I was saving a spot there just for four o'clocks!
Maybe, just maybe the Bachelor Buttons are beginning to peek thru' the soil-an entire bed for them; I know they never show up before May no matter how impatient I get.

The  Bridal wreath is still just PERFECTION..wish we had a wedding to do!  Those incredible Irises from Jackson, Alabama [Ted's sister Betty] are still hanging on. Amazing! And I am so looking forward to the dark blue SALVIA beginning to fill the two beds set aside for them to shine...looks promising.

It's a wonderful , beautiful world outside!

April 01, 2010

Looking Back-Again!

What made the difference in your life, relationship, family?
I have been asked that several times.  Some things are not easily visible until we are Looking Back.

We are not perfect mates or parents,period.

However,  as we look back over more than 50 years there are specific things that did  [ & continue to ] make a real difference.

Balance-especially in our interests & how we spent/spend our time. example: Ted enjoys sports and hunting but it has never consumed huge blocks of his time or come first before any family interest either time spent or money used for.

Timing-example: There's a way and a time to discuss major problems-not always right now because I feel like it. Choose your time.

Self Control- example: Everyone has moments of frustration & discouragement-how that is expressed  is most important. Often times the old addage "sleep on it" is very useful. Tomorrow it may not seem like such a huge issue.

Grace- God's


Submission [ first to God then to one another ] Another definition would be  a "you go first" attitude.

[to be developed as I am enlightened :^) I have to get my thoughts down when I begin to work on something..it usually takes numerous edits before I am satisfied that the post is developed as I intend for it to be..later ]