March 30, 2016

And Then We Get to T R A V E L -

Yes, This Gramma Did Travel to Europe-

( March 17-25, 2016 )

Amsterdam/the Netherlands- Paris-Normandy-

[Just A Glimpse-More to come "in parts"]

( The South Georgia country girl-in France about to mark her 75th Birthday -on the 29th)

Enjoy the waterways of Amsterdam.

Confession time:  The best laid of plans sometimes get scrambled-like taking a 'sick day & night" to linger/hide out in your hotel room to allow the body and the OTC meds to do their thing-But that's Life 'as we often say' and we just trudge on and deal with it. Thank God for internet photos and those shared by your Troy Travelers group.

Notes from Abby in London
Photo source: Abigail Koch

Amsterdam at dusk.

The iconic Eiffel Tower.

Yes, Gramma missed this outing but not to worry I got reasonably close up shots from the bus and thanks to today's technology I only feel I missed out ....just a bit.

Bicycles rule in Paris-They're EVERYWHERE!

 FOOD....yes the food was almost without exception FAB U LOUS..and all the better because of the settings-environment and the 39 others with whom we shared these meals.  Our Tour guide Serdjo Car and Pam Smith's attention to detail meant we had great dining experiences  in cozy Parisian & Normandy area locations we will stash away in our files called :  "Snapshots in time-& Europe"

Ohmygoodness what happened to Gloria? Where did she disappear to?

"It's my birthday- ( Meredith Gramley) 18 today and celebrating with

the Troy Travelers-Troy, Alabama

The Birthday confection with FIREWORKS was delivered to the kids table-

fabulous way to mark your 18th birthday -

(in Normandy-France)

-'to be continued-hang in there with me while I collect my thoughts, do the collage thing and check out other Troy Travelers photos being shared so generously-


  1. I'm sorry you were ill for part of the trip but what a trip! I can't say that I'd be brave enough to do much global traveling these days, but thank God you're home safe and sound, and Happy Birthday! You look terrific!

    1. Sweet of you to take time to stop by- don't know if it were 'brave'...maybe strong willed? btw I have friends in Jasper, Newton and Bmt. area...hope people are drying out and bearing up well with all the horrible water issues over there..makes me sad seeing the pictures and the losses.About the photo is exactly what 75 looks like on a good day with a good photographer and a little touch up- love the little one's pictures.


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