March 30, 2016

Our Town - Yesterday & Today ( a brief glance-to be continued)

Days Gone By

 Street Scene-Brundidge, Alabama

I know nothing about identifying the make, model and year of automobiles especially anything prior to 1957...really! I wonder why~ If I did I would gladly fill you in on the approximate year of this scene.

When we were house hunting in 2006, transitioning from southeast Texas back to Alabama - remember [closer to children and 8 Grandchildren ]  we had specific preferences.  We knew  moving into the city of Montgomery was at the bottom of our list.  We did not want to move into an apartment- keep in mind we were leaving the country scene with almost 200 acres surrounding a 100 year old primitive farmhouse.  The move was not  akin to breaking up with your first boyfriend but more like breaking off an engagement the week before the wedding dramatic.

After looking at houses south and southeast of Montgomery and coming close to The One a couple of times we ended up an hour & 15 minutes south of three of our children in a small University town.  I don't recall the realtor showing us anything in Troy but we did look at three properties in Brundidge which is a short 8 miles away. 

After making a few stops in another direction we found ourselves taking a second look in Brundidge and without too much indecision or waffling found our home.  It was move in ready.  There was nothing to work on- as we so often say: "famous last words." 

We didn't stop working for several years.

And why did we choose to make our new home in a small town with one traffic light and barely two blocks of what we call 'downtown ?"

The population is about 2,000 - had at that time  1 dollar store, 1 small Piggly Wiggly Supermarket, a Florist, 2 insurance company offices, a jewelry store, three Banks, a hardware store,  furniture store,  Hardy's fast food restaurant,  several gas stations, a wonderful  library, 3 churches on that downtown stretch of main street - you get the picture. 

 There were several antique stores on main street or close by each adding it's own distinct flavor. The  Brundidge story from the 1950s forward was pretty much like that of all small town America as we moved toward the 21st century with this amazing thing called modern times and progress.  If you have no idea what I am talking about go visit with somebody's Grandparents  who are now 65+ and ask them to tell you about the small towns  where they  lived  during the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 50s...

I would do this small town a disservice if I failed to mention the We Piddle Around- A dinner Theater.  By this time WPA had earned a reputation. Our realtor pointed out that you could not dilly dally about purchasing tickets for this fall and spring  production: "Come Home, It's Suppertime."  He was right-when tickets went on sale we learned that you had best be in line that morning ready to secure your seats.  This continues to be the norm each spring & fall season.

Small towns like this are a difficult  environment -specifically not making it easy for a new business to thrive-even survive.  For that reason we have seen in the almost 10 years here numerous new endeavors come and go...within a year or two.  I always cheer them on and support enthusiastically  but it does indeed 'take a village" to  ensure success for the little people, small business or entrepreneurs. 

Some of the latest brave souls entering this business community include  a Thrift Shop, Internet  Coffee Shop, Family Dollar, and a first class new restaurant- with designs on becoming a sports bar scene as well as the place for large & formal receptions, wedding & Sorority gatherings.

Brundidge Florist-Main Street-

Just a few highlights from downtown small town Brundidge, Alabama-located just 8 miles from the city of Troy, Alabama-home of Troy University
This is definitely not the entire story or scene-It's changing even as we speak.

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