March 08, 2016

Where In The World Is Abby ...


by abbyabroad  Guest Blogger 
This past weekend I & a few friends   visited the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  I  had no idea what to expect.

  We arrived in Prague Thursday, afternoon after a 5 hour layover in Munich, Germany. We ended the night  going to a beautiful restaurant called the 'Marina'  inside an actual boat on the water! I ordered salmon pasta and it was only 8 US dollars!  A  good deal for a fancy restaurant.

Friday morning was glorious because we woke up to SUNSHINE. It's amazing what a little  sunshine can do to your mood. We stayed in Old Town Prague. The first day we wandered over to the Jewish cemetery and got to tour around; then  to a traditional Czech restaurant!  The food  was very good. So much more taste & variety than England (in my opinion). We ended the day  taking a hike to view the sunset over the city.

I just had to visit the Ice Bar, We went Friday night and it was such a cool experience. The room is set at -7 degrees and everything inside is ice (obviously). They give you a massive coat and gloves and they even put your drink in a glass made of ice! You could only spend 30 minutes inside due to the temperatures, so afterward we made our way next door to Karlovy Lazne (the biggest club in Central Europe, 5 floors tall). That was super cool as well because each floor had a different theme! The next day we got to explore the castle and to see the John Lennon Wall!
One observation  while in Prague was how peaceful the streets were. There were tons of tourists groups out and about during the day, but it never felt over crowded or super loud.  The architecture was so impeccable as well. This is called the "untouchable" or "golden" city, which makes total sense. The buildings were all so gorgeous and most would be pastel colored with gold roofs. Being here was such a joy and I've vowed that I definitely want to return one day. This trip had just emphasized how fortunate  I am to be traveling the world while studying in England. 

Next week, I am off to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day! :)


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