July 31, 2013

~A New Chapter of Our Love Story

God Knew This Day Was Coming~

*[this post not meant for casual blog Readers/TMI]

Sprinkles, Showers, Storms

Rain Puddles Or Mud Holes-

Whatever Place You Find Yourself

 It Is No Surprise to God!

He knew This Day was coming and He Promised
"I will never leave you Alone."
He may not rescue us but He will Walk Us Through
to the other side.
I Need Not deny or hide the Tears-
He gave them to us
For a day such as this!
Disclosure: This may be TMI
for my casual blog Readers
Not personally connected to us...If so this is where you might want to exit

This account took place late summer 2012 after the cancer diagnosis and being told it was Stage 4

Most Days our early morning coffee is on our front porch where we share individual assessment of the weather, read our Bibles-one or both some  days & then our Prayer time.

Those times are becoming more sweet  these days. We don't want to waste a moment. We do not want to whine and we have abundant reason to be thankful. 

 Yesterday I experienced a revelation -as I talked with self these words slipped from my lips..yes aloud, even:  "Jonell, you can never, ever, doubt if or how much God loves you-He gave  His Son for you  and as if that were not enough-He gave you this man, my sweetheart for all these years since 1959."
After my Silver Fox finished praying, I slipped out of my chair,  dropped to my knees on the porch floor in front of his rocking chair, wrapped my arms around his neck and with a face full of tears poured out my heart to    our Heavenly Father.

Yes  He knows my heart is breaking. He knows  all the what ifs and "Hows" that fill my  mind through the days. He knows  I go to sleep crying every night..but He wants me to come close and lay it all at His feet.. 

We have breathed the same air for more than 54 years.  He knows that I do not know how to live without  my precious husband.

He just wants me to know that  when that day comes, He will carry me until I am steady again.
I do not expect Him to take away the tears.  He knew when He created us there would be "these days."  He knew   we would need the tears.
I have always thought myself to be a very strong woman. NOT!  Please God-use these tears to cleanse and strengthen and make me useful to You. 
I want my demeanor  my  spirit to speak  Christ,  peace,  JOY, comfort & calm to others especially our children. 

I TOLD YOU...the man is always gathering information. He reads all the
time .is a fast  reader too.
 Dontcha just hate that?  He reads for relaxation and almost entirely fiction-especially fiction set in a time and place of historical significance...me? I grab biographies, mysteries, Christian/self help and fiction with a political viewpoint. I am a slow reader though.  My hubby tells me it's because I read   one word at the time. What an interesting concept! Never, ever thought of that!

to be continued~

Looking Forward,

July 19, 2013

Link Ups With Loved Ones~

Some places on this earth speak peace to the soul-

 We turn into the short lane and

The scene whispers:

 "Ahhhhhh you are H.E.R.E.

This is where people retire,  retreat,  settle back,

 Savouring Creation all  around-

Nothing Pretentious or Ostentatious~

Soaking in understated luxury~

A quiet little Cove where one can 'just be'

Wrapped around by and snuggled up to

The  Creator Himself



YES! Thank you so much- We Needed That!
[photo taken 2012]

Some People Have Gifts They Do Not Even Realize- Hospitality first and foremost!
How to entertain,  delight, and Inspire all in one setting -
Oh, Yes, It's a God Given gift, that's what it is!

[In the interest of keeping a "best kept secret" we won't identify either the people or the specific location...]

Looking Forward,
Jonell & Ted

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July 16, 2013

My Perfectly Imperfect Kitchen~Justa Peek

Call me strange, weird, odd. I won't argue with that  statement. I do love my NOT 100% finished, perfectly imperfect kitchen..

Country Scene
Yes I appreciate ROOSTERS
Something about the regal profiles
And the Colors-
I searched patiently for many months to locate this one perfect all white fellow,
However- When someone walks into my kitchen and says
I will be eliminating/downsizing. I want the Roosters to be minimal  inspiring a reaction
that says more "Ahhhh" and not so much "OOOOOH, Roosters"
Yes, we're definitely going for the subtle impact.
post script:  ..additions & corrections to be added
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July 14, 2013

All You Need Is Hydrangeas~

All you need is Hydrangeas..run out in the yard and snip the prize blooms -those ready for drying.

Then you do a quick turn around surveying the breakfast room
and are drawn to that rustic, damaged and beautiful
granite ware KETTLE.   It was a 'steal' on Ebay a few years back
and has not been spotlighted in ages

My inspiration was a very old Quilt
Antique makes it even sweeter

Now you grab a chair with a contrasting color pillow and
snuggle up close to the the table

Just wait a few..don't run off and I will grab another cup with some won-der-ful tea and join you as we watch the birds flitting from tree to bush to blooms and try to interpret their bird conversations.

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July 12, 2013

Hey Gramma, Pop! Are We There Yet?

Just a peek at a recent [3 hour] road trip with our youngest Grand along for the ride. I think it helped that he would see cousins overnight over in Georgia.  We understand that our "kids" are always attached to some technology..no surprise there!

note: more pictures to be added-funny how with a little work on  Picasa  one can turn a little bitty project, event or even a road trip into a Visual Adventure. It makes this Gramma feel So Smart!


It was a quiet ride from Brundidge, Alabama through Plains, Ga., Americus, Ga. and on into Perry, Georgia. Only a 3 hour trip w one pit stop. We didn't have to amuse or entertain our Grandson Reagan, however; I warned him he would have to unplug for the return trip so he could give full attention to the history lesson as we approached the town of Plains,Ga.

July 03, 2013

Our Gardner Does Good Work~

Creation-He Spoke It Into Existence
I think He can handle a  project like our little  garden