July 12, 2013

Hey Gramma, Pop! Are We There Yet?

Just a peek at a recent [3 hour] road trip with our youngest Grand along for the ride. I think it helped that he would see cousins overnight over in Georgia.  We understand that our "kids" are always attached to some technology..no surprise there!

note: more pictures to be added-funny how with a little work on  Picasa  one can turn a little bitty project, event or even a road trip into a Visual Adventure. It makes this Gramma feel So Smart!


It was a quiet ride from Brundidge, Alabama through Plains, Ga., Americus, Ga. and on into Perry, Georgia. Only a 3 hour trip w one pit stop. We didn't have to amuse or entertain our Grandson Reagan, however; I warned him he would have to unplug for the return trip so he could give full attention to the history lesson as we approached the town of Plains,Ga.


Upon entering a very large Antique store in Plains we were greeted by  life size stand up images of President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalyn on Bicycles. We had a little trouble getting the very old Coca Cola Machine to give us drinks in exchange for our coins...finally had to get the door unlocked to claim our drinks.  We were  amused by the comparative  height as we stood perhaps 'heads & shoulders' above the perfect specimen from  days gone by.

Upon entering the distinctive, large antique store  visitors are greeted with the almost life size free standing images of Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter on Bicycles.  


To be Continued/with Additions, No Corrections..:^D  Jonell


  1. Fun! My kids seem to always be connected to technology also :) They grow up so connected now!

  2. Love those old coke machines. Glad you got to spend some time with your grandson, one on one! Lucky him!


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