July 16, 2013

My Perfectly Imperfect Kitchen~Justa Peek

Call me strange, weird, odd. I won't argue with that  statement. I do love my NOT 100% finished, perfectly imperfect kitchen..

Country Scene
Yes I appreciate ROOSTERS
Something about the regal profiles
And the Colors-
I searched patiently for many months to locate this one perfect all white fellow,
However- When someone walks into my kitchen and says
I will be eliminating/downsizing. I want the Roosters to be minimal  inspiring a reaction
that says more "Ahhhh" and not so much "OOOOOH, Roosters"
Yes, we're definitely going for the subtle impact.
post script:  ..additions & corrections to be added
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  1. Oh.. the vignette is wonderful! ((And - so is the S&P set on the shelf behind it... <3 it!))

  2. I think it looks great :) I love kitchens with personality, which yours definitely does!

  3. Perfectly imperfect is very enticing. A subtle rooster warms the heart for sure!

  4. I love this vignette. We always like to look at the fancy roosters (real ones) at the state fair each year. It's amazing the variety! Thanks for visiting me. Take care!


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