July 19, 2013

Link Ups With Loved Ones~

Some places on this earth speak peace to the soul-

 We turn into the short lane and

The scene whispers:

 "Ahhhhhh you are H.E.R.E.

This is where people retire,  retreat,  settle back,

 Savouring Creation all  around-

Nothing Pretentious or Ostentatious~

Soaking in understated luxury~

A quiet little Cove where one can 'just be'

Wrapped around by and snuggled up to

The  Creator Himself



YES! Thank you so much- We Needed That!
[photo taken 2012]

Some People Have Gifts They Do Not Even Realize- Hospitality first and foremost!
How to entertain,  delight, and Inspire all in one setting -
Oh, Yes, It's a God Given gift, that's what it is!

[In the interest of keeping a "best kept secret" we won't identify either the people or the specific location...]

Looking Forward,
Jonell & Ted

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  1. Is that a vintage tin dollhouse I see sitting on that front porch?? OOooooh my!

  2. Love that header photo and your friends and their hospitality look like a breath of fresh air and sunshine!

  3. Nothing better than hanging out with friends. Especially on a lovely porch!


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