December 11, 2013

This I Know-

This I Know

Oh Lord, My God,
You are mine 
Of this I am sure.
I know Whose I am.

There are days when I don't study the Word You left for me.
Some days I don't devote significant time to talk with you
But I know Whose I am

 Many moments I don't know
 which turn to take
What my earthly purpose is now.
This I know -
To whom I go for the Answers
  direction or  comfort.
You carry me when I cannot.
 You never promised to take me off the
Life's Storms list
But you did promise to walk with me...
Carry me and still be there on the other side.
I know Whose I am.
this is not up for debate or discussion
 Humanly I wish for this time to "not be'
However the way to avoid this painful path
 is to have lived a life without Loving deeply 
Or being loved so completely.
Thank you  for this Love Story
  I have experienced and
 For this amazing family  surrounding me
Continue to hold us close
and place a hedge of protection
around all our relationships.

Now, I come  humbly asking for
the Grace and direction for
 the Next Chapter.


Looking Forward,

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