December 14, 2013

Our House~Tis the Season


Just For You


A little scene on the front porch beside Ted's  Rocking Chair-using  cones from Magnolias at our Library

 For the past 8 years since we've had an Artificial tree
 I find a new ornament-
This year it's 6 large Gold Balls from a shop
in Georgia at Thanksgiving
Once I get it up...I don't want to take it down.
Ted was always ready to pack it up and send it
back to the attic a couple of days after Christmas,
Not me...'Just two or three more days~'

OOPS, I see something missing from
the Mantle Scene-
The Glass Jewels in the empty panes-
It will get done but I won't promise
the pictures will get posted
It is STILL Christmas
Because Christ Came, Died,
Arose & Lives
It's CHRIST mas  Still!
Looking Forward ~


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented.... whoda thought?! That first tree pic - such unexpected elements, but it's stunning! LOVE IT!

  2. Thank you so much! I value your opinion. I actually don't 'plan' these things well.,I just rely on what's available and have learned to trust my own instincts...and inner response to the finished project. Sometimes the hardest thing these days is "getting started." love you..Always!

  3. Everything is so pretty, Jonell! What a beautiful tree! Have a lovely Christmas, gal!

  4. Thank you for stopping by Becky-just left your blog and was reminded why I loved it so...I must visit regularly it's good for me - My world has totally changed in the past 1 plus year


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