April 27, 2012

No Talent or Shopping Required~

Decorating Idea: For even novice collectors/decorators this is a no brainer:  For a centerpiece or accent almost anywhere just select a few distinctive, antique bottles in various shapes and sizes and use weed flowers, small blooms from your yard or stems of herbs and find a mirror for your base.

HOT LIPS SALVIA stems -Use whatever is available. 
A mirror base has more impact than the table
top or a cloth runner.If you want a centerpiece
that runs the length of the table cut mirror to
size and leave room for place settings. You might
 even line up the bottles single file on the long
and narrow mirror base.

The trimmings from the Salvia-
The scent is AMAZING-USE
FRESH then when dry use as you
   would any potpourri

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  1. Jackie D. Carter5/11/2012

    Jonell,this is wonderful and ur so taleted,Wish I was. I love all that I was able to look & just read before my doorbell rang.
    Sometimes neighbors are a handful.
    Luvya even tho we have never met, thru Janell & Jimmy we will always love each other. I hope I did this right iffin not well I guess I'll have to redo huh? Jackie D. Carter
    of the Carter/Williams clan.Bwo marriage.


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