April 18, 2012

The Best Kind of Showers~

No, not the shower your body  kind of Showers- I'm talking RAIN SHOWERS. The 'wake up to' in the morning shower that could easily lull you back to sleep. I could do that with a cup of hot coffee or tea..but then let's be honest -not without brushing my teeth first.  By the time you throw back the covers, face that 'stranger' in the bathroom mirror, brush your teeth and say goodbye to morning breath..not to mention the coffee & tea routine..whatever is the point in crawling back into bed? That's okay-my front porch is for moments like this as I  settle into my fav spot to take notice of Mrs. Nixon as she waves on her way to work, the students hurrying by because they are late for school, do my silent commentary on the squirrels and birds while they scatter about touching base with everything blooming.  Sometimes it's easy to imagine exactly what their chirp chirps are communicating.   On a day like today I am lucky  the rain continues as I grab my cup and find my front row reserved seat.  It's one of those steady more than a sprinkle,less than a shower type rain ...the entire outdoors seems to say it's settling in for the day.  Such a rainy soaking wash the pollen away rain never fails to remind me of a time so far in the past:  I had to be  3  years old. My Dad and I hurried into the old primative farmhouse to get out of the rain and I recall lying across the bed with my Daddy, watching the rain through the window.  Of course we could hear it on the tin roof. I don't remember any conversation but I was enjoying the rain with my Daddy and all was right with the world.

* You might question my memory of an event at such an early age. There was a time when I was sure no one had recall as early as 3 years old.  I discovered that not to be true as I replayed a few clear snapshots in time and did the math using known dates & locations. Surprise, surprise one can have clear recall of events as early as three-well let me clarify-Girls can..I might argue with that being possible with the boys.  I dont think my husband remembers too many things before he was about 12 years old. [ tongue in check/sort of  ]

In case you are wondering If I plan to sit and soak in the environment all day just because I love the rain..or if I shouldn't be taking care of  'house beautiful/housekeeping' chores at this time of day [11:30 a.m.] I will clarify.  No I do not have chores to do around the house. The reason: I have spent  almost two weeks with honest to goodness Spring Cleaning in preparation for hosting a club meeting for April.  That was last night. All my pretty dishes are out of the dish washer and put away and I unashamedly announce that I intend to enjoy my clean house for a while.  Oh dear friends & readers  I appreciate a very clean and orderly even beautiful house but my philosophy is: "When I get it beautifully in order..enjoy  for a while.  [that's a southern phrase: "a while"~ ] What it actually means is I don't do a lot of cleaning for "a while."
All that said ..to say this: 'Grab your cup of hot tea and join me on the front porch-for a while.'


  1. A nice clean house is a wonderful feeling to have. Unfortunately in a day it would be messy again around here. There is just the two of us, but we sure are messy!

  2. I understand that- please don't tell anyone but I have found a few 'short cuts' over the years..Maybe one might be "not seeing" all the less than spotless areas?


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