April 26, 2012

Grab & Toss Shoppers~

Grab & Toss shopper describes the lady I had a brief chat with in the Coffee/Tea isle at Wally World today. As we casually discussed the mission we were on I imposed my opinion saying: "You know we are going to have to stop drinking coffee.?" She gave me a 'blonde" blank look asking " uhhh, why?"
She asked so I shared.  I informed her that the price of coffee had increased in recent months by about 28-29%, She was mildly surprised [ like she was mildly interested]. She then told me she is a smoker sooooooo..not quite sure what that meant in this context. Naturally I could not just let that comment lay there and piped in good naturedly that one can buy a LOT OF COFFEE for what a carton of cigarettes cost. I had noticed just yesterday a brand price posted at $34.95.  So where was this pretend conversation going?exactly..Nowhere~ She blindly grabbed a can of coffee and hurriedly tossed it into her shopping cart. Clearly she has not heard about issues with the ECONOMY- I was not going to be able to ruin her day.
We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and I am almost ROFL as I post..That, my dear friends  draws the line between the Grab & Toss shopper and this Gramma who  shops with a list-checks off items when found and places them in organized fashion in the cart-cold things together, H&BA s together, cleaning items together..well you get the picture- and btw if at all possible I group my purchases in the same way..enough time and the bar codes are topside....all in the interest of a faster checkout. 
I can only imagine your remarks that I cannot hear as you read.  One family member no doubt would remark: "WHY?????"

btw/p.s...I may as well expose myself totally now.    I still find it very hard to  checkout without having a reasonably close idea of what my total will be..Old habits die hard. We had four children. Enough said.

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