September 28, 2009

Natural, Simple, Unpretentious

I repeat, beauty comes in many forms.

The healthy green leaves on the rose bush, the dainty little rosebuds or 'grown up' rose in full bloom. But it doesn't end here.

There's a new beauty in the dried petals or the entire bloom in dry form. You need not be a trained  designer or artist to recognize a work of art in the natural, faded form - just lying against a contrasting texture or surface [such as the fabric covering this chair.] When you only have loose dry petals left scatter them or fill a pretty little cup, dish or saucer with them.

This makes a nice 'thinking of you' gift ..with  a few fragrant leaves from Eucalyptus or lavendar stems or nothing added at all. 

Unpretentious beauty..Naturally!

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