September 17, 2009

Another Rainy Day

It's time for my much needed nap but something has intruded.

The rains have started again...
Wonderful, pouring rain that cannot be ignored and tuned out even inside this house.

I sense right now a new direction for the rest of my day.
This is an afternoon for finishing the book I am reading.

Rain, Rain, come and stay-
I have a book to read today!


  1. I love gourds! I did not plant any this year, for I have so many and need to work on those first. Are you Near Hartselle, AL ? I have family there.

  2. PS if you are my sis will be right over for the gourds. lol She paints them. I do pine straw weaving on them.

  3. mmm did u say Hartselle, Al?? I think I bought some gourds off Ebay that came from there??


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