September 18, 2009

Home & Yarden

Have you Ever? No, I never knew a vining Jasmine produced a seed pod like this? It looks exactly like a small field pea. As the old [er] folks say: "You live & learn."

It's Just A Gourd- Hoping for a late frost. My gourd seeds didn't get in the ground early this these are 'late bloomers.' That's why I am hoping for a late frost because they will continue to mature until a heavy frost. On the neighbor's side of the wire trellis there is one smaller specimen that of necessity has the neck twisted..gonna be a special beauty. If these same gourds had been left to spread on the ground it would have been possible to manipulate the young tender gourd and get unique twists and turns of the gourd neck..Interesting!

I Just had to share- This 'natural habitat' for who knows what is something we have intended to eliminate but that's easier 'said than done'..quite a chore; but in the meantime it has it's own unique natural beauty that is hard to dismiss. See the liechen on the top front? Of course, I luv that!

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