October 15, 2009

It's Just Furniture, Right?

No, it's more.   After chasing our tail [ so to speak] a long time  in south Georgia last Sunday we met up with Paula, first cousin once removed and picked up  the furniture that  belonged to Grandma Mobley.

I don't need extra furniture.  I have no room for another old Chifferobe. I  have no need for another old dresser base.
I will make room for them and treasure always, Just Because- because they were my Grandma Mobley's.

I know she never dreamed anyone would want much less cherish some piece of furniture she had. It's just furniture, right?

A similar Chifferobe [I already have] has no sentimental value. It will be stripped to become a utilitarian shelving unit.  After  a little work on my two treasures  they will each slip into a spot that will be just right.

Are they worth a lot of money?  No, not at all.  But they are worth a lot to me.

Why?  Just Because.  Just because they were my Grandma's.

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