April 23, 2015

Ruth and Charles' Garden~ Early Spring 2015

A huge thank you to friends Ruth and Charles
for sharing their personal gardens with
 'Like Gramma's House'

 Ruth and Charles' Garden has been an ongoing labor of love for decades and  like the changes God put in place for all of Creation-

Our Gardens

 Are a slide show of

The Seasons  

Our Creator made provision for the humans we are- who tire of sameness, look forward and long for Changes in the weather, the landscape and personal  gardens around us...our homes, woodlands, roadsides or designated tourist garden spots.

His plan was and continues to be perfect.  And just like the original Garden of Eden these spaces require the loving and never ending  care- we still know as work no matter how much we love it. 

April 18, 2015

A Spring ReRun ~ #2

Just In Case You Missed It Last Spring

March 2015
[All photos 2012 -2013- earlier dates mean I did not change dates on my camera settings]

April 04, 2015

Add Maintenance Planner and Landscaper to My Resume ~

After being a willing  helpmate for more than 54 years,

 I am claiming yet another title in this new life.

As I ponder this I remember my husband's last work title in industry management was "Maintenance Planner".  As I recall he was responsible  for anticipating, scheduling , overseeing, approving  [ an on and on and on] the maintenance in a specific area [ I THINK] of the Paper Mill. Sorry, that's the best I can do with that job description.

Today I recognize that I can now add the job of  

 "Maintenance Planner"  

to my life resume.

April 03, 2015

About The House-

About The House- Some Familiar-Some Seasonal 2015


 Spring Cleaning

Can Be As Simple As

A Fresh Coat of PAINT


It's easy to forget how long it's been since the last time  they were painted

and a can of good quality spray paint can give one such

A feeling of Accomplishment

April 01, 2015

And the W I N N E R is - ME


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