April 03, 2015

About The House-

About The House- Some Familiar-Some Seasonal 2015


 Spring Cleaning

Can Be As Simple As

A Fresh Coat of PAINT


It's easy to forget how long it's been since the last time  they were painted

and a can of good quality spray paint can give one such

A feeling of Accomplishment


Three down and one to go- I took care of Ted's Black rocker after this picture was taken-

Now that new rocker will require a bit more care in painting it black-it's the new replacement for

the black one [ Like Ted's] that had to be discarded- it was beyond repair

[ the porch is beginning to look  crowded but I can't quite -yet-
 make myself move his little table/plant stand- there in the foreground]

I was careless and the cold got my porch ferns so we start new -
It won't take long for them to grow and look "at home" though.




Top left: Irises came from Ted's sister- The teeny tiny red blooms?  That's hot lips Salvia we found in Warm Springs Georgia years ago when we went to Callaway Gardens
Bottom: The first rose bud to bloom is on the last double knock out roses bush Ted planted

I would share with you the name of this beautiful flowering plant but

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