April 04, 2015

Add Maintenance Planner and Landscaper to My Resume ~

After being a willing  helpmate for more than 54 years,

 I am claiming yet another title in this new life.

As I ponder this I remember my husband's last work title in industry management was "Maintenance Planner".  As I recall he was responsible  for anticipating, scheduling , overseeing, approving  [ an on and on and on] the maintenance in a specific area [ I THINK] of the Paper Mill. Sorry, that's the best I can do with that job description.

Today I recognize that I can now add the job of  

 "Maintenance Planner"  

to my life resume.


Throughout my adult life I  have had the opportunity to work in  numerous jobs- some paid, others volunteer- some challenging, others either underpaid or simply necessary.  Producing or acting in community theater, producing /modeling in fashion shows or promoting local fund raising events on TV or the newspaper or radio..doing my own writing were things I did easily and passionately and no less so because they were volunteer jobs.

I learned that I could be more than competent in sales as long as I believed in the value of what I was selling. Some of the most personally rewarding [& usually new and challenging] were office administration and management where my job titles were something like DIY [ Do It Yourself /if you want it done well] or DEY  [Do Everything Yourself] . I actually never considered that beneath me but loved the possibilities of learning new things and handling difficult people and situations successfully.

We often rejoiced in the fact that God had given us many seasons in this life together...the most recent one being Home & Yarden [Yard/Garden].

Well here we- well it's just Me now- here I go again!

 I'm adapting to being a Maintenance Planner and dare I say- A Landscaper ?  Under the heading of MP is included  spotting, doing or getting done all the DIY jobs that keep a house safe, functioning, looking lived in but in a nice way thank you.  I cannot do it all  but I keep a watchful eye on and get it on my 'to do' soon list.


Just in case you are dubious about my landscaping skills....I will share the first almost done spot
this week.  I hate pulling weeds and frankly it's at times physically much...my solution is short shifts like 15-20 minutes pulling weeds will get it done if you don't give up or forget to come back and do another shift..  Amazingly when I look at the job in small parts it is not so daunting at all. Honest. It's much like being a VBS Director. At first it can be somewhat overwhelming but when you break it down into small parts it evokes a "Wow, I can do that!"

I missed a few weeds-

I spotted that too but it's on my list... before Easter Sunday along with the remaining 7 bales of pine straw placed strategically to indicate to the world it's  -

"A Work In Progress."

Just for fun -Two uninteresting chores this week:


#1 The battery [plus the spare] for the weed eater both were charged and the weed eating chore was going fine until I realized there was not enough STRING-

Discovered when I took it apart the string was all used up.  No extra found  in the shop-  doesn't mean there is not one, only that I did not find it   The story is:  I managed to bring home from WM the right replacement -That doesn't happen often. THAT IS THE BIG STORY!

#2 The riding lawn mower had not been moved from the shop since spring got here b/c I wimped out and had someone  cut the first time .  It started okay but the two front tires were a little bouncy...meaning they bounced back and forth when I stepped on them [testing] Almost flat! No problem! Thanks to my husband's well stocked shop there's a-

What do you call that thing that I plugged in and it puts air in the tires?

I am always afraid that I will put too much air in and the tire will BLOW UP- I really am.  So far, OK! I have often used that riding mower but my hubby was nearby to remind me of some of the basic things I had forgotten since the last time I used it.

Not to worry- this time I remembered backwards, forward and what the choke does...EVERYTHING!


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  1. Haha! This made me giggle - I, too, am clueless when it comes to outdoor stuff, but YOU have it down! Love what you are doing, and it looks great with the straw mulch! You've got this!


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