April 23, 2015

Ruth and Charles' Garden~ Early Spring 2015

A huge thank you to friends Ruth and Charles
for sharing their personal gardens with
 'Like Gramma's House'

 Ruth and Charles' Garden has been an ongoing labor of love for decades and  like the changes God put in place for all of Creation-

Our Gardens

 Are a slide show of

The Seasons  

Our Creator made provision for the humans we are- who tire of sameness, look forward and long for Changes in the weather, the landscape and personal  gardens around us...our homes, woodlands, roadsides or designated tourist garden spots.

His plan was and continues to be perfect.  And just like the original Garden of Eden these spaces require the loving and never ending  care- we still know as work no matter how much we love it. 


Early Spring 2015
In the deep South - U.S.A.



Who needs Orchids when you have these beauties?

With so many beauties to take in I fear that we will lose you if they are all shown individually-hence, the collections by way of a smaller number of photo collages..Enjoy!

God's 'to do list' for Creation  didn't miss a thing-

Beauty is so much more than Roses, Orchids, Violets, Lilies

Don't overlook simple but elegant greenery, ground cover, Vines, & trees

As an artist I am sure Ruth doesn't miss any of these wonders

I am not sure where this  grave with the rolled away stone came from but  let's just leave it-

 It's perfect inset into these March Blooms

 I won't attempt to label each and every bloom or plant. While most are familiar to me I undoubtedly would miss something. The abundant branches above must be some variety of what I call a Bridal Wreath- I seldom worry with getting all the botanical /correct names since they all seem to have multiple common names...that works for me!
We love our gardens and we love sharing  their beauty with others. How can anyone admiring the beauty of the world around them not believe in the God who created them."
Ruth ~


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  1. Breathtaking! Oh my! That is a gorgeous garden!!!!


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