March 31, 2012

Another Three Hour Project~

I lied~ It may have been a three hour project but at the Harrison House [ real life-real time] it turned into a two - three week job.  What do you do when the 'yard help' doesnt show up? You dig in.
We did start this garden segment of my spring plan about three weeks ago..with time outs for rocking & cooling down on the front porch, [ because I am old ] then a major four day time out to check out the services at the local medcal facility and on to another recommended  in Birmingham [ UAB- ] and continued down time spent with major reclining on the deck in the morning sun.  That brings us up to date- with a little muscle from a pick up truck and the right tools my husband managed to remove those gosh awful mystery plants from each side of the front steps.  EASY when you know what you're doing. Thanks TP.
FINALLY, after opting for my most loved of all time HYDRANGEAS at the front steps...too much hot southern afternoon sun...then we moved on to  spreading out the hydrangeas [ super duper Lowe's sale] all across the entire span of the deck. We debated season after season..will they make it, yes they will, no they won't until time proved my second guess to be the right one.  Even that better location meant we sacraficed too many wonderful blue hydrangea blooms to the direct hot sun. 
Back to the front porch: Our most recent big idea was KNOCK OUT ROSES on each side of the front porch steps..whoopee, I think we have a winner.  Lowe's had beautiful specimens of the double variety, healthy growth with lots of blooms & keep in mind these knock out roses can bloom from February - November in this area.  After some collaboration we concluded  we should stay with what  worked & is virtually carefree.  We added two more 'you can't beat 'em' BUTTERFLY BUSHES and can't resist the great prices of a couple of ferns for a little more variety.  Ted retrieved one of his CASSIA [ PEANUT TREE ] plants rooting in the greenhouse to fill in the background near the other end of the porch..there's already one at the opposite end.  This peanut tree gives a different kind of sprawling green growth that turns into breath taking YELLOW BLOOMS at the end of September/first of October.  2011 the flowers showed up September 28. They linger until it is too cold for comfort [not often] or there's a rough rain storm with lots of wind.
As you look at the photos just fast forward a couple o months and you won't see the bare spots with drain spouts, water hoses etc...I'll come back perhaps in May and show you. We are so pleased & thankful to get this done..these small jobs require both of us with a lot of heart and determination these days to see it through to the finish line.

No matter how we brag about getting it done and how it looks...we recognize Our Heavenly Father is the ULTIMATE GARDENER....His creation is AHmazing~

March 25, 2012

Funny and So True~

A wise, funny and handsome special someone said to me a  few days ago as we waited impatiently in a hospital room;  "You go to the hospital for TREATMENT. You go home TO GET WELL."

March 20, 2012

Spring in the Deep South-It's for Sharing



My Inspiration- The Bridal Wreath in Full Bloom If you are going to fill a big vase You might as well set up a table  and ask someone To come share a cup of tea - That's my thinking~

Y'all Come!


March 19, 2012

Somebody Stop Me~

It's early Monday morning and such a beautiful Spring  world out there..I am really considering    working on that flower bed.  My old bones were creaking and I paid dearly for all the effort on this project on Saturday.  Good grief it's not  the biggest job in the world..but apparently my body thinks so since it "talked to me" seriously afterwards.  Twenty four hours can make a difference though and after a change of pace Sunday I am finding enough courage to have at it again.
Don't expect 'before & after" pictures today- no promises. Just good intentions? It's okay if you are laughing out loud at me. Perhaps you can relate? I will report back to you ....soon, maybe~

All in fun~

March 15, 2012

Why Buy Furniture?

Got 3 antique suitcases?  Stack them three high~

An Antique [electric]  RADIO-
the exterior material was before PLASTIC....Bakelite. 
Nothing in here came from KIRKLAND'S or IKEA or Hobby Lobby.
This is a peek into our somewhat masculine spare bedroom..
[patriotic Red,White, Blue; Antiques with a teeny bit of
Outdoors/sports tossed in
 [ old boat oar/fish net valance w seashells over two windows-]

Penny Walker in southeast Texas contributed this old, old,
 heavy oscillating fan to our collection..yes it works if needed

These GAME BOARDS were given to me because "Jonell will think of something to do with them"
My friend Reba Shue said when she brought them to me. They are wooden and measure about 36
inches from corner to corner.  There's certainly nothing humdrum ordinary about the decor in our house.

A Spring Thing~2012

Our first WISTERIA blooms.. in place waiting for us to construct
an arbor/reading hideaway for the vine to smother and cover
The first of these to show up ...what are they?
I cannot recall.
Our HOMEMADE water feature...more to come
when materials and the labor available to get.
Those AZALEAS  - beautiful and  work for any
gardener-beginner or an expert.
It's a work in progress 
ROSEMARY... abundant supply-carefree-if it thrives it stays in that spot..forever!
 love to share-. Come and  get it!
Just Sharing,
* God is such a great GARDENER~

March 13, 2012

Driving South on Highway 231

A big thank you to Mr. Parker Mount for his hospitality as he showed us around his  primitive compound along highway 231 south of Montgomery.  All these years we have been driving by wondering how those wonderful little primitive buildings got there, are they occupied  or if we could gain access to them.  It turns out that all we had to do was stop and walk in. It was Monday afternoon and he was there-stopped what he was doing and joined in with our conversation..he shared and we shared so many of our personal memories about his treasures and our more recent history living on a large 200 acre arm and ranch with an historic [rather large] Dog trog farmhouse that dated back to 1906 and even older barn where we had produced, promoted and hosted weekend Market Days for about a year [ S.E. Texas/Newton] It ocurred to me this extended project of Mr. Parker's was much like the homes and gardens that many Bloggers maintain and stage...I often think of these as a PLAYHOUSE FOR GROWN UPS...honestly ya'lll..for addicted antiquers like me there are things in his MANY COLLECTIONS displayed that will make one drool..I don't know who enjoyed it more ..the host or the visitors. We shall return!



March 10, 2012

Wondering What To Do With The Vintage Purse?

No, I don't collect purses-

But I do have a few~


I call it my JOAN CRAWFORD purse [ the movie star].It measures 15 1/2 " across and just under 6" high w/o the handle.  While it sets on a shelf in my closet it is of no use, just taking up space and  collecting dust but filled with Vintage trinkets it becomes a decorative piece. Now, the challenge is to find just the right  spot to show it off. Not so long ago I thought it was rather gaudy because of it's size...not so now with the luggage size handbags that are so popular [& quite expensive usually]. I remembered to find a jar of Vaseline to clean and shine up this relic.  Can you recall doing this to spruce up your black patent dress shoes? It still works!  

post script:  I never actually used this purse..came across it as a collector of all things old, vintage or antique and could not bear to part with it. That worked so well I think I shall do it again-since I still have another of these in my closet...I need to free up the closet space. Now~ Just For Fun


Folding Pouch style clutch VELVET- I still use this one

Black Velvet dress purse /
Can still be used

Small Leather Clutch with strap on the back to tuck away your gloves or handkerchief
This one is so old the [genuine] Leather is very stiff, almost brittle..

Let's go to the Party!

Let's check out the Vintage Treasures & Trinkets

March 07, 2012

Of Course I Need Them~

Always room for More Pretty Dishes
On the bottom of a small plate I read;
French Saxon China 5 Union made
 u.s.a. Silver Symphony
And No, I don't really need more dishes
Yes, I could use a lid for the sugar bowl

March 01, 2012

Back To My Roots~

Growing up poorer than dirt in the rural south Georgia I don't think we were ever truly hungry, as in 'without food'.  Many things were scarce to nonexistent at our house but not food.  Today when we want to go back to things we remember as children in the 1940's - '50s  one of us will suggest something decadent and certainly not what we know to be healthy today.  That's when I make  pan FRIED CORNBREAD or a pot of Lima Beans-the dried limas.  We are both on the same page today- in the mood for something hearty, stick to your ribs hearty and I guess that qualifies it to go on the COMFORT FOOD list. That's dinner tonight..large limas, cornbread and rice and since its the evening meal that's enough.  We do try to eat lighter for dinner and our dinner at home is usually no later than 5 p.m.[stop laughing, please]

When those 'awful beans' started cooking I began reminiscing about the growing up years and the fact that one aunt...Lila Mae Mobley-Turner always had the best lima beans. At my house it was usually the large limas but she always had the baby limas and  [don't yell at me now] they had GREASE floating over the top. YES, it's true. They used the bacon fat & used it generously. mmmmm Yummo~

So many of our ways have changed-it's just a fact, I don't think I could force myself to add that fat back to a pot of veggies, however; I will now and then make a batch of  buttermilk cornbread-add lots of chopped onion and equal amounts of chopped SQUASH [that makes it healthy] and FRY THAT CORNBREAD. I must add: I don't fry it in LARD the way Mama and Grandma did.

   * post script: Our lifestyles have changed dramatically.  We ate 3 meals a day, worked hard and played hard and treats like candies and colas were truly a treat not a regular part of our days.  If our economy really goes south in a major way..I can vouch for the fact that a family can survive on dried peas and beans.

They make a great decorative statement but even
that 1/2 gallon mason jar FULL won't last long~

*I have to verify this- that may be a gallon jar

Oh, No- March Is here~

Oh My Oh My...March is actually here-Now I have to start SPRNG CLEANING for real!! With seasonal changes, company coming, a ladies brunch and a ladies club meeting to host.  I cannot procastinate, It is here! OOOkay.. It's on my Calendar.
Today is Thursday and it just wouldn't be a good thing to start such a big project on Thursday with the weekend looming.
Solution:   I will begin AFTER THE WEEKEND  ..on Monday..Tuesday for sure....sigh~glad we have that settled.

A Winter Scene in the Deep South

Yes its the Deep South/Alabama
No, definitely NOT the Winter  of 2011-2012
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