March 03, 2010

What Grammas Live For-


[Uncle Steve with 6 of our 8 Grands. L-R: Zack,  Dylan, Samantha, Reagan/back right: Patrick and Turner.  Only Ryan and Ethan were missing.]

..the GRANDS coming! This is really a big deal when you haven't seen them for such a long time.
Everyone says one should not do all the  deep cleaning before the kids come for a visit..just wait until they leave then you need to clean for sure.  I know that's practical but it's so hard for me to do.  I won't get it all done but you can be sure I will be IN THERE TRYING until maybe mid night the day before they arrive! Most of my time is spent in the Kitchen and bathrooms..  places that  make the biggest difference. If I would just NOT do things like  checking/dusting window sills and baseboards I could save myself a lot of work...once you start and find those things only a white glove test  would just can't walk away and not do it! [ If YOU can, then good for you]

Lord Jesus help us to make the most of this time. It's precious.

Three years feels like forever.

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