March 15, 2010

Copied Thoughts to Ponder, Use or Amuse

Speaking of using Pretty Things like silver teaspoons: [ a helpful hint included for free ]

Some are reluctant to use silver teaspoons because they think they are too much work to maintain. Silver tarnishes when exposed to air and over time silver turns from silver to gray and black. Polishing with silver polish does not take much time, but an even more simple technique is to place silver teaspoons in a sink of warm, soapy water. Add a foot or two of aluminum foil, all crumpled up, and let the silver soak for a few hours. Then wash and dry as usual. The tarnish should wipe right off!

Did you know that? Nor did I! And didja know...if u can't find silver polish or find its empty..and just happen to have  extra tubes of toothpaste on hand..that works too! ONLY THE REGULAR PASTE.
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