September 28, 2009

Natural, Simple, Unpretentious

I repeat, beauty comes in many forms.

The healthy green leaves on the rose bush, the dainty little rosebuds or 'grown up' rose in full bloom. But it doesn't end here.

There's a new beauty in the dried petals or the entire bloom in dry form. You need not be a trained  designer or artist to recognize a work of art in the natural, faded form - just lying against a contrasting texture or surface [such as the fabric covering this chair.] When you only have loose dry petals left scatter them or fill a pretty little cup, dish or saucer with them.

This makes a nice 'thinking of you' gift ..with  a few fragrant leaves from Eucalyptus or lavendar stems or nothing added at all. 

Unpretentious beauty..Naturally!

September 18, 2009

Home & Yarden

Have you Ever? No, I never knew a vining Jasmine produced a seed pod like this? It looks exactly like a small field pea. As the old [er] folks say: "You live & learn."

It's Just A Gourd- Hoping for a late frost. My gourd seeds didn't get in the ground early this these are 'late bloomers.' That's why I am hoping for a late frost because they will continue to mature until a heavy frost. On the neighbor's side of the wire trellis there is one smaller specimen that of necessity has the neck twisted..gonna be a special beauty. If these same gourds had been left to spread on the ground it would have been possible to manipulate the young tender gourd and get unique twists and turns of the gourd neck..Interesting!

I Just had to share- This 'natural habitat' for who knows what is something we have intended to eliminate but that's easier 'said than done'..quite a chore; but in the meantime it has it's own unique natural beauty that is hard to dismiss. See the liechen on the top front? Of course, I luv that!

September 17, 2009

Another Rainy Day

It's time for my much needed nap but something has intruded.

The rains have started again...
Wonderful, pouring rain that cannot be ignored and tuned out even inside this house.

I sense right now a new direction for the rest of my day.
This is an afternoon for finishing the book I am reading.

Rain, Rain, come and stay-
I have a book to read today!

The Good Things in Life

Are there things in life that make you sigh, smile and laugh all at the same time..For me it's what I call the good things in life.

Front Porches with Nice Rocking Chairs-
Looking out toward the arbor covered with cypress vines in bloom for the humming birds that flit from one tiny little red flower to another~ flower beds with greenery and blooms showing through and above the porch railing.

Growing things excite me! Blooming things thrill me!
Growing, vining, blooming things just feed my senses.

From the deck looking out onto the back yard I love the open spaces and lush growth of trees [of nearby property owners] we enjoy as they provide shade and beauty hugging close to our fences.

I feel so loved and cared for when I lounge on that deck watching for butterflies and hummingbirds and trying to identify the birds within hearing. My husband usually knows what they are ..late, late afternoon before dusk the sounds of locusts? Katydids? at times seem to be filling the entire outdoors surrounding us..he points out if I listen carefully I can identify where they are coming from-the exact tree- and continues to inform me that there are actually two or perhaps three making all that noise. Amazing! Where did he learn all that?


If you live in a small town in southern United States, you must have a front porch. It's a southern thing. It's welcoming, friendly, homey. Then if you have that welcoming front porch you really do need a front porch swing. I have noticed certain family members when they visit always gravitate to that swing.

Surprising as it may sound I think each one of our sons have taken notice of Mom's touch, the windowless old window behind the swing, attached with wire to the ceiling and hanging directly above the porch railing. Why the window without window panes? It provides a frame for the blooming mandevilla vine to climb onto. Truthfully, even without the vine, the old window was going to be hung there. That's just what I do. I love that "our boys" notice it. In fact I think other men visiting usually notice it. Such a little thing...paid $15 for the window at a yard sale and didn't cost a thing for "you know who" to hang it! He could live without these primitive decorative touches but he knows I can't.

I see so many beautiful things around me. I feel so richly blessed it seems almost decadent. Did I mention the fabulous eucalyptus tree close enough to smell at times?

His world..and He allows me to enjoy it. The beauty and abundance just never ends. My dear Mother would have felt her daughter must be 'rich.'
I am.
My Faith, My Family and even Flowers-What more could I need?

I would wish for you, each of you that you are able to see, hear and smell the same beauty..and hold it close, 'never forgetting from whence it came'.