January 31, 2017

Just In Case You Were Wondering~

I'm stopping by to clarify something.
Yes, I did leave the country around Christmastime-
But, I did return in time for Christmas with my family.

A small group from my church  returned to Costa Rica in December  (2016)
Below are a few pictures of special moments and dear people .

I've concluded that it's near impossible to share  this with you in little snippets...brief accounts of memorable encounters. Nevertheless I will try to give you a  a few glimpses into

Another Kind of Christmas

In Costa Rica.

So many Christ Followers shopped, filled 1 gallon bags, donated money for us to pay for checked bags, fruit,  and additional supplies as needed.  Then as the Lord led so perfectly, hearts were touched and a plan came together to enable 22 teenagers to attend church camp in January. 
( See the last group picture  below at the end of the post)

Time to say Goodbye again

Back home in South Alabama
on December 20th-
Not to worry-I did get my Christmas tree up before leaving

( 22 youth )
Off to camp in January
Because other Christians Cared Enough!

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