November 30, 2016


I love giving-but I plainly dislike the Shopping
I do get carried away with the giving
But I detest that MONEY slips in to mess things up

I do truly love giving to others...
but don't bring me gifts at this time in my life -I have everything-
My house is furnished,
My walls are appropriately covered.

If you  cannot walk in my door without a gift in hand...please-
Something to eat, drink or burn...
okay I'll love something to plant if it's  familiar  and not a new challenge.

I do so enjoy wrapping gifts except when I don't wrap-
I appreciate beautifully done up presents-
but I  enjoy using odd, used and sometimes strange findings to wrap them. Then topping them off with unusual or natural using twine instead of ribbon -  grab a sprig of a dried bloom or a fresh herb stem, even sticking a candy cane under the ribbon or string -This works for me!

There was a time when I was concerned with forming the most perfect beautiful more-the more simple or  strange the better.

Giving generously over the top presents does my heart good...forget cost-the giving matters..not the spending.(free, cheap, reduced or just simply "on sale" )

It's just important to actually THINK about what and to whom you are giving...just think.

Some of my all time favorite Christmas gifts include a bundle of legal/yellow note pads from Sam's-b//c the giver was taking note of something I used regularly.

And the large  bundle of EMORY BOARDS ...I hope the grand who made the choice knew I was genuinely thrilled!

I can still recall back in the late 1970's  when I had a short unusual wish list for Christmas and an item on it I really, really, really wanted one of my children to get for me was a little $1.25 nail file..('diamond dust' ? )  and no one ever gave me that. I would not buy it for myself because I felt it was frivolous and since I did not actually need it -that was expensive. True story.

And I cannot forget the large gallon size VERY VINTAGE/perhaps antique jar [jug?} given to me by my daughter the year she figured out that I actually do treasure and drool over that used, old stuff from the roadside flea markets- By the way what makes that jug really special is that it has a WIRE HANDLE.  Yes, I'll show you. Don't go away-

And I shall always treasure the simple little wooden angel made and given by one of the older grandsons- I'm not sure he realized it was such a wonderful gift -truly a "Keeper"

Did I ever share with you some of the most unusual  -uniquely wonderful things people had gifted me with..allright, if you insist I will share two or three although I don't have pictures of all .
A work friend of my husband once sent home  (for me) a hornet's nest-Yes he did and I made such a fuss over that..honest to goodness .  That natural wonder of nature was proudly displayed  for years until the weather got the best of it.  Another work friend of Ted's brought back a bunch of beautiful pink rocks collected while his family vacationed in Colorado.

I think it's time to "wrap up " this conversation. 


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