February 29, 2016

L O N E L Y ~

(I've been saving this post for a special time I suppose...just occurred to me that it could be a special time..this could be the very day someone else can benefit from my introspective thoughts.  Let me know if it was meaningful to you in any way.)

Lonely Is More Than

L o n e s o m e

For The Company of Another


It's  not simply  about being ALONE.

It is
Being Without...
the loved one who is no longer  here.

It's much more than a house or environment being
 Q u i e t-

It's about everything around you being

Too Big
Too Quiet
Too  Empty

Well, that's my two cents worth on the subject-
Your feedback, please~


February 21, 2016

One Month In - Updates from Abby In London-

it has officially been a month since I've packed my bags and left for England! It's crazy how fast this month has passed. One month has exposed me to  many  differences between England and the United States.
The obvious difference of driving on the other side of the road. I'm able to walk everywhere (or grab a bus).  Walking & biking are  huge here. Manchester has lots of people, things to do, people  walking to work, class, city center, etc.  I have never walked  so many consecutive days before.
Another difference  has to be the style here. Everybody dresses a little more "edgier" here. People are not afraid to mix and match different styles, patterns and colors. The best part is that nobody cares!
I had never heard  that the British come across "cold" upon first impression; but now I can understand why  people think that. When  in a large crowd it is  easy to "spot the American" because they will probably be the loudest  in the group. When meeting new people I think sometimes I scare them because I am more outgoing. Nonetheless, they are still very nice people, it just takes a little longer for them to warm up to you.
Then there's the weather. I had been alerted before leaving for England to get ready for the rainy, gloomy & cloudy weather. I love sunshine, the beach & a bright blue sky-so this has definitely been a transition.  Lately the weather has been super nice.  I appreciate when the sun does shine.
I am looking forward to all the new and exciting adventures  in these next 4 months!

February 19, 2016

Gramma Traveled to P.A.R.I.S.? Yes, She Did!

(Looking Back at the Year 2016)

Gramma Traveled to Paris
And the Netherlands- Amsterdam, and did I mention Paris?  Add Normandy to that!
And don't forget- P.A.R.I.S.   - YES!

Justa Note~

I hardly know where to begin-
Perhaps March 17th

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

I suppose that would be a good place to start-

After all everyone was gathering there for 6:35 p.m. departure.

Oh, yes-and by the way-Remember the Brussels bombing in March 2016?
You guessed it.

But that's okay-This occurred two days AFTER WE SPED THRU
(on the high speed train)
 from Amsterdam to Paris.

And I know no one believes this but it's true-
There was never one sound, scene or situation where we felt in danger or threatened-
Well, fast forward to the airport as we were to leave from Paris headed back to the U.S.-
Security was really tight.
This was not frightening-It was encouraging that everyone was on the job and not missing anything!

Pam Smith & husband Ray

( Problems? They have the solutions! )


February 13, 2016

Ahh, Why Do I Love This

I Just Do -

January/February Preview
Victoria Magazine

Is it the fine bone china pattern? Is it the pretty silver spoon?  Could it be the tea table with the beautiful linens, the anticipation of what's to be served along with tea?
Perhaps it's just a lazy Saturday thing -

I just do! That's all.

Tea for me-
And You, And You-
That Makes Three..
For afternoon tea
With me.

February 09, 2016

Notes From Abby in London -

I have officially made it to a new decade-


It is so cool to me to be able to say I celebrated -

turning 20 in a different country.


Tuesday's class was cancelled, yay! Monday night  a few   international kids went out to celebrate- two girls were turning the big 21!  We stayed until midnight to ring in my 20th birthday as well, which was very nice. My friends surprised me with birthday presents which was  sweet & thoughtful.  ( a TON of chocolate; they just know me so well )


Tuesday night we attended a Manchester United game which was absolutely amazing! My friend Amanda has been a die hard fan for years now, and this was her first time seeing a game live at the home stadium. . The  game atmosphere was just unreal.  We won 5-0 as well! I guess us Americans being there was a good luck charm :)

FINALLY I  had my first class (my parents were starting to wonder what they were actually paying for). a small class, only about 25-30 students, and all girls. We have about 50 minute classes back home, so sitting through a 2 hour lecture got a little tiring after awhile.  We only have 7 lectures for this class, then an individual paper and a group project for our grades  will be due  the beginning of May. This is  very different than the American school system. Tomorrow, I will have a field trip for one  class to look at 10 different venues in Manchester. , I am excited to see what my other classes have in store!

This Saturday, the international society is taking a trip to the North Lake District.   I am very excited for that! When my parents used to live in England, they always talked about how beautiful that area was.
Next week  Amanda & I are off to Amsterdam for 4 days!

Thanks to everyone who wished  me a happy birthdayl! I have been enjoying every second of this wonderful opportunity & can't wait for everything still to come.


February 06, 2016

P R A Y I N G IS -

Like Breathing

There is a permanent connection between me and the God I serve-

Praying is

[for me]


[like breathing]

Praying is

Praying is
Sometimes talking aloud

Prayer is
Sometimes Quiet
Other times...desperate
Crying Out.
Sometimes Pleading
Other times just
Opening up, spilling out

Sometimes standing tall with arms outstretched toward the heavens
Other time kneeling, vulnerable
Or face down in total submission
Emptying one's self out
empty- defenseless-
though not defeated.
for an audience
to impress anyone
Not even God

Praying is Getting Real
Shedding layers of pretense

is Necessary..for God's children...for me

No words needed

Just breathing ...barely
And leaning softly into
my Creator

My Lord, really...