February 21, 2016

One Month In - Updates from Abby In London-

it has officially been a month since I've packed my bags and left for England! It's crazy how fast this month has passed. One month has exposed me to  many  differences between England and the United States.
The obvious difference of driving on the other side of the road. I'm able to walk everywhere (or grab a bus).  Walking & biking are  huge here. Manchester has lots of people, things to do, people  walking to work, class, city center, etc.  I have never walked  so many consecutive days before.
Another difference  has to be the style here. Everybody dresses a little more "edgier" here. People are not afraid to mix and match different styles, patterns and colors. The best part is that nobody cares!
I had never heard  that the British come across "cold" upon first impression; but now I can understand why  people think that. When  in a large crowd it is  easy to "spot the American" because they will probably be the loudest  in the group. When meeting new people I think sometimes I scare them because I am more outgoing. Nonetheless, they are still very nice people, it just takes a little longer for them to warm up to you.
Then there's the weather. I had been alerted before leaving for England to get ready for the rainy, gloomy & cloudy weather. I love sunshine, the beach & a bright blue sky-so this has definitely been a transition.  Lately the weather has been super nice.  I appreciate when the sun does shine.
I am looking forward to all the new and exciting adventures  in these next 4 months!

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