February 17, 2014

As I Breathe

2009 My Silver Fox got a new ring  to replace his
 1959 $25 Wedding Band


As I Breathe

I lean in..... to You
You catch me when I would fall
When I want to crumble in a heap and just quit
You gather me in your arms
Just tightly enough to feel secure
and safe
As I Breathe
Sometimes I neglect to pray as I once did
You become the sponge that naturally
my Every Groaning of the Spirit
As I Breathe
but neglect your Word
You have it [ and me] covered
Holding me steady
While flashes of verses and phrases of scripture
naturally  cross my mind
Truth-Your Truth
is still there
That never changes
Everything else does
You do not.
So many things are different or have now disappeared
Many ordinary things  now
Less than significant
You My Lord and Savior
Are the same....
As I Breathe.

Though satan would want to cause me grief
 suggesting things I should have said or done..
The truth is... there are none.
 No regrets save this one.
... more time
                  My silver fox didn't waste  time with 'what ifs" or regrets.
                  He focused on  trying to do what's right and being the best.
                  We often reminded each other:
           "You are My Best. My Best of everything."
                 He chose not to  worry over things he could not change
             and  often reminded me of same.
He didn't save his 'good manners'
for special occasions
When others could see.
And being a gentleman
Was not on display
for  an audience to observe
Doors were opened for me after a hard day's work outdoors
Coming in  late afternoons to get cleaned up
And not a soul in sight to verify .
A real gentleman simply is
It's not a performance to be seen-
He just is....A Gentleman.
My sweetheart never used a different kind of language
With just the two of us
And no one else  to hear.
The world's vulgarities and profane conversation
were never spoken here
And when confronted with such in public
Do you think he ever hesitated to call one down-
Of course not..he always noted there was
A lady present
and in no uncertain terms firmly with an air that commanded respect
challenged the careless speech in front of his sweetheart.

As I Breathe
I lean in to allow YOU to hold me up
Gathering me in your arms
As only the Creator can.

As I Breathe
Soak into yourself all the the thoughts, feelings
and indeed the very Groanings of My Spirit
As Your Word Tells Me You Can.
As I Breathe

The Wisteria Arbor
A labor of love finished fall of 2012

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