November 06, 2013


 I've set up a large table on the deck at the rear of our house..
 With the use of a wonderful handcrafted bench [ reclaimed wood ]
my husband built on the spur of the moment two years ago as we
were setting up for a pre wedding family party 2011...
and freshly painted metal chairs this table can seat either six or eight easily enough.

I started with my generous stash of Burlap by the Yard
Then added  my most recent Flea Market Napkin find,
Throw in everything that speaks Fall to me
 gathered from the entire house and a stack of
FIESTA dishes

I seldom set a table with ONLY ONE COLOR of Fiesta..
I usually mix the colors, but  very deliberately
Today I just threw them out there..
The end result comes out
Every's a no brainer ladies!

I love FRESH materials to work with...
I adore dried NATURAL materials from the wooded areas
[sometimes  gathering fallen leaves from my yard]
I cannot live without a supply of small  bottles  [for weed flowers]
Green glass is my favorite..
And it's okay to mix up a few [cheap, cheap] Dollar Store pumpkins
Along with some perfect & distinctive Ceramics..
Just Mix It Up girls!

I hope you took notice of the
Grampa Goblets
Nooooooooo, it's not fine crystal
but it brings along with it FINE MEMORIES
of my Grandpa Mobley always drinking from those..
thus the 'tag' Grandpa's Goblets ~

Note: You did see that there's no room for serving platters
and dishes of  scrumptious seasonal foods...that's okay
We'll do this thing Buffet Style - setting up another large table ..or two as the food shows up!

What better choice for Fall tablescapes than

Let's all run over to Heather's
and check out her Tips & Tricks
being shared for our inspiration today!

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  1. This is just wonderful - love the happy Fiestaware, the white rooster and you're right the combination of thrifty pumpkins fit in beautifully - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  2. Kathy: What a sweet surprise to see your note! A big heartfelt THANK YOU~

  3. hmmmm, hard to believe - this post was less than 3 months after Ted died...I was really TRYING wasn't I!!??


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