May 26, 2012

Summertime Doesn't Wait For June-In South Alabama

Join us for a Celebration of Blogger Creativity shared at

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  1. Jonell, ha! you crack me up. As they say in the south, Well Shut My Mouth. However in your case, it would be "well, shut your mouth!" (referring to the comment you left me about your mouth hanging open.) So cute. Thanks for stopping to leave such an encouraging comment. I've been wanting to do something with faucet knobs on a dresser or something forever and finally had a reason. These with the actual faucet still attached came in handy. I'm in love with this colorful table you did. It might as well be summer for sure. I have that same pitcher too! Hope you're having a great weekend. By the way, I hope to get around to picking some Liebster awardees soon.


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